Bronson the overweight cat sheds pounds thanks to caring new owners

Bronson’s owners were originally looking to adopt a kitten when they came to the shelter he was at, but upon seeing the overweight cat and his polydactyl paws, they fell in love at first sight.

It’s unclear why Bronson was allowed to get as big as he was, being 33 pounds (approximately 15kg) in weight when he was adopted.

The most likely cause is from being overfed by a previous owner who maybe didn’t understand how bad it was for Bronson’s health.

Although we like to treat our feline companions, it’s important to do so in moderation, to make sure they have a happy and healthy long life.

Bronson at 33 pounds is an example of a cat whose health was not prioritized.

A very overweight ginger cat.
Bronson’s weight was impacting his quality of life. Pic credit: @iambronsoncat/Instagram.

Counting calories

Cats who are overweight need a strict diet to help them shed their excess pounds, but it’s vital that they are not starved.

If a cat goes without food for as little as two days they can develop a life-threatening form of liver disease called hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver syndrome).

The best way to help a cat lose weight is to limit the amount of calories they eat, and try to implement more exercise into their daily routines.

For Bronson, this meant his new owners made sure he consumed no more than 400 calories a day to start off with and encouraged him to walk up and down the stairs a couple of times a day for some physical activity

He would also have regular monthly check-ups and weigh-ins to make sure he was progressing healthily.

Even after just a couple of months, the results began to show as Bronson was becoming more physically capable.

Reaching his goals

Bronson had several goals to reach on top of his ultimate goal weight.

In the beginning, he was too overweight to get tick and flea medication safely and had to undergo anesthesia to get one of his broken teeth pulled.

Despite the tough journey ahead, the world was cheering him on, his story was covered by local news stations and international websites on the internet.

Helping a cat lose weight can be a long journey that requires a lot of patience and dedication, something his new owners had in spades.

One year later Bronson had lost seven pounds (3.18kg) and the improvement in his energy and mobility is clear to see.

And as the years go by his weight has gotten lower and lower. In 2021, he weighed in at 17.3 pounds (7.8kg), and looked better than ever!

With owners that committed dutifully to his health, Bronson flourished. Proving that putting the health and well-being of cats first makes everyone happy.

A ginger cat in a cubby hole.
Bronson is healthier and more active, and his owners don’t have to worry about his health as much. A win-win scenario. Pic credit: @iambronsoncat/Instagram.

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