Canceled: greedy cat sends owner into a meltdown on social media

A publication written by a young man living in Saltillo, Mexico, recently started making the rounds on various social media platforms. In a hilarious post, the author took social media to vent about his maddening and greedy cat.  

Most cat owners would describe their pet with flattering superlatives but not this one. A cat parent has a realistic perception of his feline’s personality.

The youngster from Saltillo, who works in a taqueria (tacos restaurant), didn’t hold back when depicting his beloved puss Toño. False, liar, and thief are some of the words used to qualify the critter.

The author warns readers not to be fooled by the cat’s adorable appearance. It’s all part of the deception.

Toño is a little glutton. In addition to taking food from his two feline siblings, the kitty doesn’t know when to stop and indulge in food to the point of throwing up.

One of these siblings is relatively old and requires a specialized diet due to medical conditions. Yet, the food stealer is not deterred.

Also, Toño is notorious for lying on doors and refusing to move even when instructed. But, the cat’s misbehavior doesn’t stop there.

This puss persists in drinking water from the bathroom sink, even though he has plenty of fresh water in his bowl.  

Besides, the mischievous Toño likes to tease his owner by constantly changing his mind. He begs to be let out just to request to go back inside after spending hardly any time outside.

Quite the character, this Toño. The feline is determined to make a fool out of his family.

The greedy cat with itchy paws

Further, the moggy is no different from many cats.  He returns home with trophies when he finally gets out for a walk.

“He comes back with all sorts of things that are not even his; he brings pigeons, rats, once he brought a little parrot, and what’s more,” continued Toño’s owner.

Surprisingly, Toño once returned with a tiny kitten. Unfortunately, his desperate owner had no clue where the pet had found this baby.

It’s suspected the thieving cat probably stole it from a litter. If Toño’s master has shown much patience towards his peculiar feline, this patience finally reached its limits one day.

Taking advantage of his human’s inattention, the greedy cat snatched from the table some meat his owner was supposed to eat. The boy, tired after a long day, had brought back some leftovers from the taqueria home.

This last offense caused the original poster’s breakdown. Exasperated, he shared his frustration online, earning some amusing responses.

Mileno reported that the publication about Toño received more than three thousand comments in four days. Eleven thousand people also shared it.

Not sure fame will improve the terrible Toño’s character.

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