Meet Wicho, Mexico City Fire Department’s new member

In Mexico City, the Cuauhtémoc Station of the Mexico City Fire Department houses a famous worker:  Wichi, the new feline firefighter.

The cat took on the station’s account on TikTok to introduce himself to the public.  And let’s say he’s not shy!

Thus, the public got a glimpse of the background and life of this unusual firefighter. First and foremost, Wicho is a rescue kitten.

Currently aged five, the male moggy had quite a rough life on the streets before he found a rescuer. When they found him, he was sick and injured.

His former life definitely left some marks on the kitten. One of his eyes was noticeably hurt, yet, thanks to his saviors, Wicho made a speedy recovery.

Besides, the critter had the opportunity to start over.

The new Cuauhtémoc fire station recruit bears significant responsibilities: he maintains the fire trucks and ensures the firefighters are equipped for any intervention. Not too shabby for a puss!

The kitten said:

“I am always ready to respond to any emergency.”

Dressed in a red suit with his name on the back, Wicho is an active part of the squad. Furthermore, Wicho is, in some ways, the station master as he’s the only worker who resides on location.

Wicho gains popularity

The cat lives and breathes for his department.  In an endearing video posted on the station’s page, Wicho also shared more details of his personal life.

A look at the clip proves that Wicho receives the royal treatment. He gets regular supplies of his favorite cat food in a bowl bearing his name (paws off!).

The kitty’s coworkers make sure their furry colleague doesn’t miss out on anything. They also spend much time entertaining the feline and playing games with him.

With the members of the fire brigade, Wicho found a loving and supportive family.

Moreover, the post introducing him is now a viral video. This clip received half a million views in less than five days.

It’s an impressive feat considering the fact that the Tiktok account is relatively new. Only three videos, including Wicho’s, are posted on the page.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the furry firefighter. For instance, @Anne expressed her admiration in the comments:

“oh! beautiful Wicho 🥰 So cute in his uniform 😍”, she wrote

Likewise, @Latiburona666 said:

“Hello, Wicho thank you for your services; I love you very much.”

Some commenters even asked if they could visit the feline since they didn’t live far from the station.

Wicho might be on the road to stardom. Good for him!

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