A woman discovered her beloved cat is still alive after vanishing 9 years ago. What happens next will surprise you

Susan Moore’s beloved cat went missing nine years ago from her ranch in central California. To her astonishment, she received a phone call last month that would change her life.

Her long-lost cat Harriet had been found over 1,000 miles away in Idaho alive and well. This remarkable rescue story is unique as not only did Harriet survive, but she gained a new home, not in the manner you’d expect.


Harriet’s mother, Moore, lived on a 41- acre ranch near Clovis, California, when her tabby cat went missing. Luckily, Moore had her precious cat microchipped with a recovery service for lost pets.

Unfortunately, despite taking those measures, she never found her missing cat, Harriet. Devasted and distraught, Moore had cared for her beloved cat for three years since she was a kitten.

After time went by, she assumed her cat had passed away and mourned her.

Miracle recovery

Then on September 19th, Moore received a life-changing phone call from an animal shelter in Hayden, Idaho. A worker informed Moore her beloved cat Harriet had been found.

Because the cat had a microchip, they recovered her contact information. A good Samaritan found the homeless cat and brought her to the animal shelter.

Moore remained stunned at the newfound discovery her cat was alive and over 1,000 miles away in Idaho. It’s unknown how Harriet survived for over a decade.

tabby cat in cage
Harriet, the long lost cat, is found 1,000 miles away from home. Pic Credit:@Washington Post/Website

Vicky Nelson, an employee at the Kootenai Humane Society, also remained baffled at the cat’s remarkable story. Despite all the odds, the cat was still healthy and in good shape.

A case like this provides a prime example of why microchipping is so important.

A twist of fate

After processing the shock of this miraculous news, Moore prepared to arrange for Harriet to return home. However, now at 13 years old, would Harriet still remember her?

The local news media reported on cat Harriet’s extraordinary story and immediately received an inquiry from one of the shelter’s volunteers to take Harriet. Worker Maureen Wright had been looking for a senior cat to be a part of her home, where she actively fosters other older cats and dogs.

With the blessing of former mother Moore, new mom Wright took Harriet to her home.

woman cat owner with tabby cat
Isis has found a loving home with volunteer Maureen Wright. Pic Credit:@Washington Post/Website

A place to call home

Harriet has undergone a name change. The cat’s new name is Isis, after the Egyptian goddess.

Isis is now a part of a loving home. She can live out the remainder of her twilight years with the companionship of other senior animals and lots of love from her new foster mom Wright.

What did you think of this miraculous story? Did it resonate with you?

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