Cat almost died after someone dumped her on street in taped-up box, now living joyful life with family who rescued her

When a woman heard pleading meows coming from a taped-up box on her street, she was shocked to discover that a cat was trapped inside.

The DoDo reported that Liliana was walking her children home from school when panicked meows alerted them to a package that was tightly wrapped in scotch tape.

Let me out!

The family rushed home with the box, as sharp scissors were going to be needed to free the poor cat from their cardboard prison.

Liliana filmed the cat’s dramatic rescue from the box, and as she struggles to cut the tightly wound scotch tape, the poor kitty can be seen reaching her paws out through a gap on the side of the cardboard box.

The trapped feline is clearly begging for release as her meows become more frantic.

Free at last

Finally as the last of the tape is torn from the top of the box, the terrified cat pokes her head out and it is immediately clear that the poor kitty is in a very bad state.

Liliana recalls her horrified first impression of the freed feline, saying:

“As soon as her little head popped out, I thought she was blind, it was just unbelievable how her face looked. How dry she looked.”

Much care needed

The abandoned cat’s skin was horribly dry and her eyes were crusted shut, her terrible condition suggested that Liliana and her family had come to the cat’s rescue in the nick of time.

The family rushed the kitty straight to the vet. As she received some much-needed care, Liliana decided that they would name the cat Phoenix – to honor her incredible resilience and how she had risen from the ashes of her terrible trauma.

Liliana shared that there was never any doubt that they would keep the abandoned cat, saying:

“She was a part of the family as soon as that box was opened.”

Very weak

Phoenix was incredibly weak and in a fragile condition, the vet prescribed antibiotics and gave Liliana instructions on how to administer crucial medicated baths for the fragile feline.

Slowly, the family began to see Phoenix improve and begin to enjoy life with her new family, she even started to show affection to her kind rescuers. As Liliana explained:

“She started getting progressively better, she was like coming to us and asking for love, and then as soon as she was feeling better, her purr machine just activated!”

Tabby cat lying on the floor clutching a toy.
Phoenix enjoying her new home. Pic credit: The DoDo/Youtube

A new cat

Phoenix is now living a happy and loving life with her new family. Despite the terrible ordeal that the brave tabby endured Liliana shared that she is a positive force in their home.

The courageous cat has truly lived up to her name and risen from the ashes like a brave and beautiful Phoenix.

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