Cat and dog give birth together in the same doghouse

When a man discovered a dog in the area that was about to give birth, he put out a dog house for it.

He never imagined that he’d come back to find a cat sharing the doghouse with her own newborns.

The man made sure to give the dog a safe and cozy space where she could have her puppies and remain warm and dry. The small plastic blue doghouse was placed up against a wall.

Prepping for baby time

He also lined it with a soft pink blanket so that the momma dog and her babies could be comfy. The dog was all set up in her little outdoor “pregnancy suite.”

The man would periodically check on the momma dog to make sure she was doing OK.

It, coincidentally, had been raining “cats and dogs” when the man returned to the doghouse to check on the dog one day.

His jaw completely dropped at what he saw when he peered inside the tiny plastic blue doghouse. There was a grey cat cozied up with the dog who was nursing her pups.

And that cat was nursing her own kittens as well. The momma dog welcomed the pregnant cat into her own doghouse so that they could both raise their children in warmth and safety.

The man was so amazed by what he saw that he had to take a video of what he was witnessing.

Many on social media were inspired by the dog’s act of kindness. Pic credit: The Dodo/Facebook Screenshot

“How cool, People are gonna think I’m lying,” he said in the video, according to The Dodo. “They entered the house to give birth. No one put them there. So we have three puppies and four kittens. Where ate the kitties? I can’t really film it, but it’s incredible to see! But look it like a maternity ward in here!”

He was touched by this dog’s act of kindness and how these two were peacefully and quite happily sharing the same space.

Sharing means caring

“Look, everyone, how cool! The little dog here gave birth on the first of September. And yesterday, the 7th day of September, the cat entered the little house and gave birth together with her,” he said.

They were perfectly content caring for their babies together. Many people on Facebook were inspired by this story.

“As humans, we could learn a great deal from these animals. That dog had nothing of her own and was struggling, yet still helped something that wasn’t even the same species as her with what little she did have. That is quite simply beautiful,” said one commenter.

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