Kitten rescued after getting its head stuck in a bowl and named Buzz Lightyear

A 6-month-old kitten who had a jar stuck on its head was lucky to find Good Samaritans who wanted to help it. The kitten was named Buzz Lightyear and placed with people who will find him a forever home.

The ginger kitten was found running along Danforth Street in Fall River, MA. The kitten is part of a colony that some residents feed and look after, according to WCVB.

One of those residents spotted the distressed kitten with a glass jar on its head. They called over to Fall River Animal Control for assistance.

Emergency response

Animal Control then deployed the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Field Services team to the scene. They found the kitten wandering along the road.

The scared kitten didn’t exactly go with them willingly. It took a little while before they were able to catch the with a drop trap.

The kitten was unable to smell food because of the jar, but they were able to find some of the cats’ siblings by putting out food. Buzz just followed his siblings.

Buzz after the bowl was removed from his head. Pic credit: Animal Rescue League of Boston/

Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Field Services agents were able to safely remove the glass jar from the kitten’s head. It was then taken to the Animal Rescue League’s Dedham Animal Care and Adoption center.

The kitten was estimated to be 6-months-old and was named after the Disney Pixar character that wore a glass helmet to protect him in space. Though the cat was dirty, it was in good health. He was given a nice bath, vaccinated, and neutered.

“Buzz has settled into her new surroundings, however, because she is still learning to trust humans, she will need time for ARL staff and volunteers to help socialize the young cat, and she is not yet available for adoption,” the ARL said.

Rescue mission

But Buzz wasn’t the only cat saved that day. Many others were trapped and given medical attention.

“Additionally, while rescuing the kitten, ARL was able to identify a previously unknown cat colony, and will begin trapping the other cats in the colony to provide medical treatment, spay/neuter surgery, and assess behavior to possibly place other cats from the colony into loving homes,” the ARL added.

Once Buzz is ready, he will eventually be put up for adoption and placed in a forever home.

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