Cat detects his mom’s pregnancy before she does

Max was always a daddy’s boy and never paid much attention to his mom. But that all changed the day he realized that she was pregnant. Max detected mom’s pregnancy before she even did.

Lisa Kitchen and her husband adopted Max when he was a kitten right after they got married. Kitchen had just lost her cat of 19 years and was hoping a new cat would ease her heartache.

However, Max took a liking to Kitchen’s husband rather than her. His favorite place to nap was dad’s chest.

Daddy’s boy

Max would meow incessantly for his daddy to pick him up. He loved to play with his dad and would shower him with lots of love and affection.

But when it came to mom, Max was rather indifferent. He didn’t really pay her any mind until one day when Kitchen came home from work.

Max was meowing at her nonstop. She was puzzled as to why he all of a sudden wanted her attention.

Max kept this up for the next few days. Kitchen was really caught off guard when he started cuddling with her when she slept at night.

“I started waking up with him sleeping on my legs,” Kitchen told The Dodo. “The next night he would curl between my legs, which is a huge deal because he would never come that close. Finally he is sleeping on my stomach now. If I’m sleeping on my stomach then he tries to balance himself on my back.”

Kitchen was pretty weirded out at this point. She sat and pondered all the reasons why Max was showing this sudden affinity for her.

Cat pregnancy test

She took a pregnancy test after the reason finally dawned on her. Sure enough, she was pregnant.

Max somehow knew that his mom was pregnant before she even did. He was trying to protect her and keep her safe since she was carrying a new life inside her.

Ever since then, Max would be by his mom’s side nonstop. He would constantly cuddle with her any chance he got.

“He rubs on my legs now, he screams for me if he doesn’t know where I went,” Kitchen said. “I have to yell, ‘Mommy’s downstairs, Max,’ and then he chirps and runs down the stairs for me. He has been Velcro ever since. Now at night time, I have to make a space for him on the bed near me. He doesn’t bother with my husband anymore.” 

Kitchen is aware that she could lose Max’s love as soon as the baby is born. She’s just hoping he’ll love the baby as much as he loved her while she was pregnant.

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