These blind sisters have the strongest bond and rely on each other for everything

Despite both being blind, sister cats Miley and Pearl are able to navigate the world quite well. And it’s all because they have each other.

The girls were brought into a veterinary clinic blind, covered in fleas, and suffering from stomach issues.

The Brisbane, AU-based rescue Best Friends Felines stepped up to take the kittens into their care. Miley, a ginger cat, was diagnosed with anophthalmia, which means she has no eyeballs.

Without eyes to see

Pearl, a colorpoint kitty, has microphthalmia, which means she has very small eyeballs that are abnormally formed.

Despite their impairments, the sisters had the sweetest demeanors.

You’ll often find them both wearing a big smile on their faces. The staff was impressed by their ability to navigate their new surroundings successfully.

“They have never missed the litter tray and are bright, happy and playful, and never stop purring when they hear you,” Nikki of Best Friends Felines told Love Meow.

Their foster mom set up a closed-off area for the two cats thinking it would be easier for them to get used to a smaller space. But they had the entire room figured out by the end of the day.

“They immediately amazed me. There is nothing they cannot do,” Kerry said. “They are 100% on point with their litter, and they have no problem finding their food and water. They play like normal kittens, and apparently, they are little daredevils.”

The two kitties would be fearless and had no qualms about climbing to high-up places. Miley and Pearl are also very good at catching their wand toy, even though they can’t see it. They are also very curious and love to explore.

“I left the room to run some errands, and when I returned they were both sitting on top of the cat tree looking extremely pleased with themselves,” Kerry said.

Their foster mom said it would be hard to tell these girls even have a visual impairment if it wasn’t for their lack of eyeballs.

Sisterly bond

“To watch these babies playing with each other and navigating the room, you would not know they were blind if you didn’t see their faces. They are so amazing, and bring a smile to my face as I watch them,” Kerry said.

Kerry said that the success these two have as blind kitties is because of their incredibly strong bond. Kerry has never seen one quite this strong between cats in her 15 years of fostering.

The two girls are always together, most of the time touching. If one wanders off, the other seems to get nervous.

When Miley was being examined at the vet, Pearl was desperately trying to break out of the cat carrier. Miley also became upset.

The two girls immediately calmed down once they were placed together in the same carrier. Miley and Pearl are ready to be adopted and will be placed in the same forever home.

“They rely on each other more than sighted kittens ever could, so they will definitely be kept together,” said Kerry.

You can follow Best Friends Felines on Facebook for updates on the sisters.

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