Rescue saves feral kitten who finds out she loves indoor life and being a couch cat

Boo, a 5-week-old feral kitten, wasn’t too keen on being an indoor cat when she was first rescued. But with a little TLC, Boo soon because a very happy house cat who is all about that couch life.

Boo was found walking the streets all alone in very poor health. She had an upper respiratory infection, some funny tummy issues, and was dirty.

Thankfully a good Samaritan scooped her up and brought her to the local animal shelter.

Helping Boo

The shelter determined that Boo was in need of around-the-clock care and placed her with her foster mom Nadija.

Nadija, of Tiny Paws Fosters, already had a full house with all her other rescues but couldn’t say no to helping Boo.

On top of not feeling well, Boo was extremely timid and not used to being around humans.

“Boo (the kitten) was very scared when she first arrived here and very unsure about me and her new space. She was meowing out of fear,” Nadija told with Love Meow. “She got crusty eyes, nasal discharge, a dirty bum, and she was very hungry.”

Boo’s hunger eventually got her to let her guard down when it came to humans. After realizing that eating in this home was safe, she started to let Nadija pet her.

“After some pets, cuddles and a snack, she felt much safer and took a nice nap on her cozy blanket with a heating pad,” Nadija said.

Boo got a nice bath which made her softer and fluffier, medicine to make her feel better, and food to fill her belly.

She soon realized that indoor life had a lot of perks. It wasn’t long before Boo made her way out of her cozy little space to explore the rest of her surroundings.

“She is a sweet, snuggly, brave and playful kitten that ventures out into the rest of the house every day for a few hours before she runs back into her safe space which is my office,” Nadija said.

That couch life

During Boo’s exploration, she discovered the couch. It is now her favorite place to be.

She loves to roll around on it, nap on it, and cuddle with humans on it.

“She even joined me on the couch all by herself over the weekend for a nap which is huge for such a tiny kitten that was so timid. Boo loves to play with the ball track toy, swats tiny fuzzy toys around, and is a pro at climbing the cat tree,” Nadija said.

The once tiny shy kitty, who wasn’t a fan of indoor life, has bloomed into a confident, energetic cat who is all about couch life.

Boo has even made some other kitty friends just like her. You can keep up with Boo and Nadija’s other fosters on Instagram at @tiny.paws.fosters.

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