Cat doesn’t recognize her dog brother after his new haircut

It took a little while for Milly the cat and Lupim the dog to get along when they first met. So, when Lupim came home with a new haircut, Milly had to get to know him all over again.

She didn’t recognize her brother at all! After a rocky start to their relationship, Milly and Lupim’s mom said the two became best friends.

But that relationship was on shaky ground after Lupim came back from the groomer. Before he left for his haircut, Lupim had medium-length, wavy hair.

New do, new dog

He was looking like quite the shaggy dog so Milly and Lupim’s human mom Amanda Alackmim wanted it cropped. A quick trip to the groomer and Lupim came back looking like a new dog.

He basically had the dog version of a buzz cut. And no one prepared Milly for this. While Alackmin was loving Lupim’s new clean-cut do, Milly… not so much.

In fact, she was wondering who this dog in her house was. She had never seen him before. Or so she thought!

“It was super awkward,” Alackmin told The Dodo.

Milly was a little alarmed by this stranger. As soon as she spotted him, she tensed up with her back tightly arched in a perfect cat pose.

Lupim seemed a little scared of her aggressive stance and was keeping his distance. But mom called him over so Milly could get a closer look at him.

Stranger danger

Even though Lupim got closer, Milly stayed in her attack position. Just in case things got out of hand.

Milly just couldn’t fathom who this stranger imposter was staring back at her. Poor Lupim looked confused as to why his sister and best bud was being so mean to him.

Milly had literally no idea she was looking at her brother. She thought her mom brought home the wrong dog from the dog groomer. Poor Lupim even tried to sit on the couch with his sister.

But Milly stayed at the opposite end still looking at mom like, “Who the heck is this guy?” Lupim just looked sad and confused from his seat.

“Milly was shocked to see Lupim after the groomer,” Alckmim said. “But they’re now friends again.”

Milly’s reaction to Lupin’s new hairdo was even caught on video. While she was a little freaked out at first, eventually after some extensive sniffing she realized the shaved-down dog was her brother and best friend.

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