These cats live the VIP life with spa days and club nights

Look out, VIPs coming through! Or should we say, VICs (Very Important Cats)? Ginger and Pepper are social media influencer cats who love to live it up with fabulous clothes, spa days, and dance nights in the cat club.

Fabulous felines

Ginger and Pepper are an adorable duo of cat siblings, and their followers on social media love to see the creative videos of their stylish lives.

Many of their videos show them at the “spaw,” where their owner brushes their fur, files their claws, and helps them feel like their best, freshest selves. They do this every Friday, and according to their owner, it’s one of Ginger’s favorite activities.

They also have dress-up videos where they wear irresistible outfits and strut around like supermodels.

Ginger even has her own emo girl photoshoot where she wears a cat-sized black wig. When the hair gets in her face, she does a genuine hair flip to get it out of the way that looks just fabulous!

Most cats wouldn’t enjoy being dressed up or having spa days. But Ginger and Pepper look as calm and happy as can be, like they were born for this.

Their owner also makes music videos of Ginger and Pepper dancing and DJing in their “cat club.” Pepper usually plays the part of the stoic and intimidating bodyguard or security, while Ginger is the star of the show, dancing and shaking her tail.

Gray Bengal cat in security guard uniform near cat door with the sign "Cat Club"
Pepper running security at the Cat Club. Pic credit: @heyitsgingerandpepper/Instagram

It’s obvious that her owner is off camera, giving her some nice pets and scratches that make her move like that, but it’s still so creative, and we like to imagine that Ginger is really dancing.

Even when Ginger was a small kitten, her owner loved having her show off her dancing skills. In this video, Ginger shows her first moves. It’s obvious that she has a bright future as a star.

Spa days with Luna

Sometimes Ginger and Pepper’s dog sister, Luna, makes an appearance in their videos too.

Luna was the original pampered pet of the family. Then in November 2020 she met her newly adopted sister, Ginger. These two bonded immediately and loved to cuddle and do everything together.

The next year in October, Pepper joined the family. He fit in perfectly, getting along with both Luna and Ginger.

Even though Ginger and Pepper often have cat-only spa days, Luna also joins them so they can all be pampered. It’s so sweet seeing them relax and get along so well together.

A dog and two cats relax on a couch wearing towels and bath robes, with cucumbers on their eyes.
Ginger, Pepper, and Luna have a spa day together. Pic credit: @heymynamesluna/Instagram

Ginger and Pepper surely are a pair of pampered kitties. We hope they never stop being fabulous!

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