Senior cat thanks owner for adopting him by cuddling her when she has Covid

This woman adopted a 20-year-old cat in poor condition. She took care of him until he was feeling much better, and he’s so grateful for it.

Taking care of Magnus

Jessica is the founder of the nonprofit Boomer’s Buddies Rescue, and she has several pets of her own that she has given a home. For a while she only had dogs, but this year she adopted her first cat, a 20-year-old named Magnus.

Magnus was taken to an animal shelter after living on the streets, where he survived off the generosity of people in the neighborhood. These people were kind to him, but he was still frail and needed someone who could adopt him.

Even in the shelter, Magnus wasn’t doing well. His health was deteriorating, so Jessica rushed him to the vet and then took him to her own home.

Old gray cat sleeps in the animal shelter
Magnus in the shelter, waiting for someone to take care of him. Pic credit: @jessandheranimals/Instagram

He was very nervous at first and wouldn’t come out of his carrier. But with some patience and gentle coaxing from Jessica, he finally felt safer and came out.

Jessica was shocked by how weak he looked. In a video by the Dodo, Jessica said:

“Seeing him walk around, I realized just how frail he was, and he was like a walking skeleton.”

She gave him a bath and tried to feed him, even trying several different types of food. He wasn’t eating anything she gave him.

But Jessica didn’t give up, and one day he started eating. He gained weight and confidence, exploring and cuddling more and more.

Magnus returns the favor

Magnus loved living with Jessica, and one day he was able to show his appreciation. Jessica told the Dodo:

“I ended up getting Covid, and he was just by my side the whole time, by my neck. This cat is so grateful.”

Now Magnus and Jessica are both happy and healthy together. Jessica loves spending time with her “distinguished gentleman,” taking him on walks on her shoulder and having dance parties.

On August 24th, she made an Instagram post celebrating Magnus’s two-month adoption anniversary. She expressed her love for Magnus and her appreciation for senior animals:

“Please consider adopting a senior pet!! At 20 years old, Magnus is full of life and so much love to give and brings joy to us everyday!”

Jessica and Magnus are a pair that continue to give to each other. It’s so beautiful to see their sweet connection.

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