Cat finally agrees to let dog co-parent her kitties

Raylan is an expert foster dog dad that has cared for dozens of kittens. Yet, despite his expertise, Estelle was hesitant to let such a big dog around her newborn litter.

But it didn’t take long for her to realize that he was the perfect co-parent, allowing him to help care for her kittens.

Estelle was only a year old when she arrived at the shelter with her six little babies.

Help with her kittens

They were only about 4.5-weeks-old at the time. Thankfully, the perfect foster family came along to help them.

Volunteer foster Laura agreed to take the kitty family in so Estelle could heal.

It was also better for her to raise her children in the comfort of a home rather than a shelter.

“Mama cat was pretty emaciated from trying her best to feed six kittens,” Laura told Love Meow.

The entire family had stomach issues which they were treated for. Estelle was very friendly when it came to humans.

She was very grateful to have a clean and cozy nursery to raise her babies in. They were all named after characters in the show “Friends.”

Laura’s resident dog Raylan was ecstatic that there was a new litter in the house. But he’s ecstatic every time there’s a new litter house.

Raylan was rescued when he was 2 and has helped Laura foster all of the animals she brings in. Many are kittens in need of rehabilitation.

But Estelle did not want Raylan to have anything to do with her kittens. She would puff up her tail and hiss at him to make sure he would keep away.

“Mama Estelle is very sweet in general, but she’s nervous about such a big dog coming into her space (understandably). Raylan’s just being polite and patient at this stage, giving her time and space until she realizes he’s a perfect co-parent,” Laura explained.

While mom was still on guard, her kittens wanted to meet this Raylan guy. They would fearlessly wander over to him for kisses and cuddles.

Raylan immediately got on with his foster dad duties making sure to keep the babies clean and letting the babies rough house and climb all over him.

Estelle saw that he was doing a good job and eased up on him. After all, he was making her job a lot easier.

Finally friends

The day finally came when she was cuddling up right alongside Raylan. Estelle now completely trusts Raylan to babysit.

Not only is she happy to have someone to help her out with the babies in a way a human can’t, but she’s also happy to have a friend.

Estelle and the “Friends” bunch have all been adopted. You can watch Raylan care for his next set of fosters by following him on Instagram @raylan_the_dog.

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