Abandoned sisters rescued right before they each give birth

When two feline sisters were abandoned by their humans and left to fend for themselves on the streets, they wound up getting pregnant. Thankfully, the ladies were rescued just in the nick of time before they gave birth.

A neighbor spotted the sisters and immediately called the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA). They knew that the cats would be given a safe place to raise their litters.

It was unknown how long the siblings had been left to fend for themselves. But the cats were very friendly toward their rescuers right off the bat.

To the nursery

One of VOKRA’s foster volunteers, Paul, agreed to take in the black short-haired cat. The sister was brought to a different foster home.

Paul’s foster cat was a touch shy to start and a bit wary of her new surroundings. But she warmed up once she had some time to explore.

She was given an area to nest in that was filled with everything she would need to give birth and make her babies cozy.

“She would hide when I first came into the bathroom, but would immediately purr when I gave her attention. Within a minute, she’d come out on her own and rub against me,” Paul told Love Meow.

The cat gave birth about a week after her arrival and three days after her sister did. The mama cats were very lucky to have been rescued and given birth in a warm comfy home, instead of outside.

Paul’s mama cat had an entire litter of “mini-mes.” Every single baby looked exactly like mom, all black with a tiny white tuft on the chest.

Mom was very proud of her six little carbon copies and got right to mommying. She was very protective over her children.

“She’d hiss at me when I first entered the bathroom (after birth). But she didn’t really mean it and went from a hiss to a purr in under 10 seconds,” Paul said.

Mom made sure that all six of her “nanopanthers” were well-fed and kept very clean. She never leaves their side and makes sure they have everything they need. Mama likes her me-time and gets pet whenever her foster dad comes around.

You get a forever home and you get a forever home

“She loves attention and will roll over to have her tummy rubbed. I can also pick her up and give her a hug while she purrs away,” Paul said. “They [the kittens] have been friendly right from the start. They all love attention and immediately greet me when I visit them.”

All of the kittens will be adopted into their own forever homes once they are old enough. Paul says he plans to reunite mom with her sister and have them adopted into the same home so they can spend the rest of their days together.

You can get updates on this mini panther family on Facebook at Kittypocalypse Vancouver.

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