Cat wanders around NYC begging for affection and someone to take him off the streets

Mr. Panther was found wandering around Bronx, NY, begging for some affection. But what he really wanted was for someone to help get him off of the streets.

Little Wanderers NYC was notified and rushed to the scene to find Mr. Panther. They rescue the neediest cats in the toughest areas of New York City.

When they finally found Mr. Panther, it was clear that he wasn’t cut out for New York City street life. His rescuer thought he had a broken paw. But they later learned he was hit by a car and had two broken front legs.

Wonky walker, steady snuggler

His front paws healed, leaving him with a “funny” gait. Mr. Panther wanted nothing but love and pets on the way to his foster home. He quickly ate all of the food given to him when he arrived.

Then he wanted some more pets. His purr motor was roaring now that he knew he was in a safe and would never be out on the streets again.

Once he had his fill of snuggles, he took a long nap on a cozy rug. Thankfully, Mr. Panther didn’t require surgery since his injuries already healed.

All he needed was a lot of love. So, his foster parent brought him to their office so Mr. Panther could get attention from lots of people all day long until he found his forever home.

“He gets along perfectly with his office coworkers. His morning routine is running to greet them when the office opens, and snuggling on their laps during the day. It’s all in a hard day’s work for Mr. Panther,” Little Wanderers NYC told Love Meow.

Mr. Panther has taken up the job of office lap warmer. He greets everyone as they come into the office and makes sure to keep them happy and smiling throughout the day. He jumps into his co-workers’ laps to make sure that there isn’t a cold lap in the office.

“He loves interactive toys like his floppy fish and chirpy bird. He’d love to get some real work-life balance by living in a home where he can have more companionship. Don’t let his funny walk fool you. This little guy will run right into your heart.”

Mr. Panther is still looking for his forever home. You can learn more about him and other animals in need of homes at Little Wanderers NYC on Facebook and Instagram.

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