Cat gave herself a job and constantly sends her mom’s co-workers random messages

When Buffy wants attention, she demands it. But it’s usually during times when her mom is busy working.

That means that Buffy will sometimes also demand attention from her mom’s coworkers, as well as her mom.

Buffy has inadvertently become the co-worker they never actually hired.

Messenger cat

It all started during the pandemic when Buffy’s mom Kate began working from home.

This work time cut into Buffy’s attention time which came sporadically and only when she felt like it.

Buffy only lets people pet her when she wants to be pet. And when she wants to be pet, you’ll know it.

@clexkate it’s a weekly apology 🥴 #fyp #cats #catsoftiktok #wfh ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

“If you try to pet her, she’ll duck away and go sit somewhere on her own,” Kate told The Dodo. “But once she decides she wants attention, she’s loud about it and becomes the most affectionate cat ever.”

In order to get mom to pay attention to her, Buffy decided that she would “help out” with some work duties.

Buffy sends her mom’s co-workers crucial messages throughout the work day so they are all on the same page. Or at least that’s what she thinks.

“She usually sits with me at my desk chair for about 10 minutes per day before she decides she’s had enough and leaves,” Kate said. “But sometimes, she will jump up on my desk and either walk across or sit on my laptop keyboard. I often have Microsoft Teams open for work, so she will end up typing a long string of gibberish and then accidentally step on the ‘enter’ key, which sends the nonsensical message off to my coworkers.”

Buffy is extremely proud of the work she does. Mom, however, finds it “disrespectful” and often has to apologize for Buffy’s behavior.

Thankfully, Kate’s co-workers don’t mind all that much.

One of Buffy’s favorite seats in the house. Pic credit: bibobuffymango/Instagram

“My coworkers find it amusing and always respond by laughing or sending her a message back,” Kate said.

Employee of the month

Buffy’s messages have proved to be great for office morale. So much so that she might even be on the list for “Employee of the Month.”

“It’s funny and it brings a smile to my coworkers’ faces,” Kate said. “As long as she is not messing with actual work, it’s harmless fun and could be a turning point in someone’s day. I know if one of my coworkers’ cats sent me a message, I’d find it adorable.”

You can follow Buffy and her siblings on their mom’s TikTok page @clexkate and on Instagram @bilbobuffymango.

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