Kitten with bad eyes rescued from the middle of a busy road

This kitten was literally rescued from the streets. Although he had bad eyes from an infection, he was able to heal in his foster home and learn how to live his best kitten life.

Saved from the street

A stray kitten was crossing the road and would have probably been hit by a car, but a kind couple swooped in and rescued him before it was too late. They took him to Jessica Thompson, a local fosterer and veterinarian for cats and dogs.

Jessica’s rescue was already pretty full, but she knew she needed to help this kitten. She said:

“This is rescue, even when you’re full you find space for just one more.”

Eye troubles

When the kitten first arrived, he was very dirty and scrawny. He also had some eye infections, closing up his eyes and making it difficult for him to see.

Jessica named the kitten Odin, after the one-eyed Norse god, since one of his eyes was worse than the other. But as she took care of him, his overall eyesight and health improved. Jessica said:

“He’s improving everyday and it’s so nice to see him start to show his personality.”

Happy, healthy, and handsome

Despite his early struggles with his eyesight, Odin turned into a very active kitten. He liked to climb up on things but didn’t like jumping down quite as much. His solution was to crawl backwards down whatever he’d climbed on.

He certainly was a silly guy, and Jessica loved it! She said:

“I just love this little dude.”

Now that Odin was a happy, healthy kitten, he also became very handsome, with beautiful white fur and a chocolate-colored tail. When his eye infections cleared up more, it revealed the prettiest blue eyes.

Stealing hearts

As Odin spent more time at the rescue, Jessica started to notice something else. It seemed like he was deaf, since he didn’t react to sounds like the other kittens Jessica had taken care of. But this didn’t stop him from living his best life and enjoying all the fun times the foster home had to offer. Jessica said:

“This little dude is quickly stealing my heart.”

Odin came so far, from being saved from a busy road, to healing from his eye infections, to learning how to live his best life and becoming such a cute and playful kitten. We hope his journey continues to go well and that he will find his forever home when he’s ready.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find him a home. It was already so easy for him to steal his foster mom’s heart!

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