This man ordered a combo meal at Mcdonald’s, and what happened next will warm your heart

On Friday, a man searching to satisfy his hunger got more than he bargained for when he pulled up to the drive-thru at McDonald’s. He got the ultimate happy meal when he received his quarter-pounder meal with a side of fries and a kitten!

The ultimate McDonald’s happy meal

In a viral post on Tik Tok posted on September 30th, animal lover Lee Miles (@leeincruces) posted a video in which he is on camera seated in his vehicle with an adorable side kick on his shoulder. A young white and gray kitten is calmly perched on his shoulder as he describes his unexpected happenings at the McDonald’s drive-thru.

He pulled up into the restaurant chain’s drive-thru, ordered his food, and returned home with a kitten.

The Tik Tok post resonated with thousands of cat lovers as it has recently received over 1.9 million views. Social media viewers were eager to chime in their thoughts over this happy meal with a bonus prize.

“Oh that’s taking the happy meal toy to a new level. ” – Candy

“You’re the coolest! You got the special prize! Thank you for saving this baby!! Adorable!” – Lourdes

“You just got yourself a happy meal!” – Rainie

“Something tells me she’s going to be living her best life with you.” – Babsx

“Sometimes we find exactly what we need in the strangest places.” – Copper penny

In a follow-up Tik Tok post, Miles updated his followers, notifying them the kitten would be taken to the veterinarian to get checked out soon.

In the meantime, the female kitten has been named Ms. Mac and is adjusting to home life well with Miles. She’s apparently a football fan, receiving belly rubs and a purr box to boot!

You can follow Ms.Mac and her journey of adjusting to her new life with Miles on his Tik Tok page.

Wrap up

An ordinary day can turn into a memorable moment in the blink of an eye. In this case, one man’s trip to McDonald’s resulted in the ultimate happy meal.

Gaining more than just a burger meal, this kind-hearted man took in a young kitten companion to share his life.

There is a saying that humans don’t find pets but rather pets their perfect humans. This case appears no different.

It appears that Mac found exactly what she was searching for – a place to call home.

Do you have a remarkable rescue story of your own? How did your feline companion enter your life?

Share your thoughts in the comments. Please remember to share this inspiring story with a friend to brighten their day.

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