This cat loves water so much he thinks he is a sea otter

It’s pretty well known how much cats despise water, but not Marvin. Marvin, a Maine Coon cat, absolutely loves the water. He’s basically a “sea otter,” according to his mom.

Marvin’s parents first noticed his obsession with water when he began splashing around in his water bowl. But they really didn’t think anything of it.

But that all changed when they discovered that Marvin wanted to do more than splash around. While Marvin is a curious kitten, his mom says he also became kind of a “creep.”

Melvin the sea otter cat

That’s because for a few weeks, Marvin would sit on the side of his parents’ shower and watch them bathe. Marvin is just completely mesmerized by the water and the abundance of it in the shower.

“We figured he was OK with water, but this is next level — he’s basically a sea otter,” his mom said in a TikTok video.

One day, Marvin decided to just dive in. He was splashing around in the bathtub and wasn’t even afraid of the shower raining down on him.

This kitty got himself completely drenched, and he absolutely loved it! His mom thought it might have just been a fluke and a one-time thing.

But that wasn’t the case at all. Mom was drawing herself a bath and turned around for one minute only to find her kitty in her bath water when she turned back around.

“I surrendered and accepted defeat realizing this cute little furry muffin was going to steal my bath. He proceeded to play in here for about 10 minutes,” mom said in a TikTok video.

Private baths

He even started blowing bubbles with his nose! Mom said that Marvin had himself a grand old time.

Marvin still tries to sneak into the bath from time to time when his parents are showering. But now Marvin makes sure to request his own private bath time too.

He stands in the tub and meows, begging mom to turn the water on. His parents think it’s so adorable that they can’t help but oblige.

They even got him light-up fish toys that wiggle around in the bath. He likes to bat them around, but mostly he just enjoys being in the water.

Mom says it’s a good thing that he’s an indoor cat because, judging by his interaction with the fish, Marvin has absolutely no hunting skills.

You can follow Marvin’s aquatic adventures on his mom’s TikTok page @voorslight.

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