Cat goes on a shopping spree in hilarious video

In a video entitled ‘Buying everything my cat touches,’ a kitty with expensive taste goes on a shopping spree and personally picks out all the pet shop goodies that he wants to take home.

The humorous video was shared by the Instagram account dontstopmeowing which follows the adorable antics of cat siblings Chase, Millie, and Skye.

Time to shop

Short-haired tabby Chase was the lucky cat chosen to roam the aisles of a giant pet shop and bring home everything that his heart desired. Given the impressive haul of kitty products that Chase picked out, he hopefully shared some of his new purchases with his pussycat siblings when he got home.

Adorned in a yellow harness and matching lead, Chase begins his purchase palooza by plonking his fluffy butt down in a cat bed that caught his eye. He then quickly sets his sights on a large scratching post/bed combo that is promptly added to the cart.

The dollars mount up

Expensive wooden posts of the scratching persuasion appear to be on Chase’s shopping list, as he immediately moves on to a green cactus-shaped scratching post. The pink feathers on the cactus post likely appealed to Chase’s famous whimsical side which he often displays in his videos.

A tabby cat in a yellow harness sniffs a cactus-shaped scratching post.
Chase takes a fancy to some feathers. Pic credit: @dontstopmeowing/Instagram

A seemingly accidental nose bump against a pack of orange bouncy balls adds them to the expanding treasure trove of booty in the cart, and as the tabby slinks through the aisles the dollars mount up.

The spending spree continues

Some multi-colored feathered stick toys are the next item to pique Chase’s interest, which are undoubtedly being eyed up to add to his expanding feather collection. 

His very own indoor grass patch becomes Chase’s next pick and following that green-thumbed choice, his need for retail therapy appears to cease. 

Time to check out

Chase gives the packed shopping cart a quick check to ensure that it contains everything that he has bumped, nudged, and happily rubbed against during his time in the store. 

Satisfied with his array of goods, Chase climbs atop his purchases, gallantly riding the helm of the cart as though he were a dashing pirate sailing off into the sunset with his bravely fought-for booty.

The trend of cat-led shopping trips

Chase’s owners Kareem and Fifi are not the first cat parents to take their beloved kitty on a spending spree, videos showing what happens when owners buy everything their cat touches date back to 2019.

Popular YouTuber Sam Tabor posted a video last summer that saw him bring his sister-in-law’s cat Willow (who he refers to as his cat-in-law) on a shopping trip.

The kitty-led shopping spree cost the YouTuber exactly $237.53 and racked up almost seven hundred thousand views on the video-sharing platform.

Cat consumers

Given how enthusiastically some cats have taken to indulging in huge shopping hauls, advertising executives should take note and invest in some cat-centric marketing — which should probably involve laser pointers and birds.

The entire video can be viewed below.

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