Cat graduates from university with her owner

In Austin, Texas, Francesca Bourdier was one of the graduates of class 2022 of the University of Texas. When the time to get her diploma came, Francesca made a point to acknowledge someone special who kept her company during every online class she attended: Suki, her one-year-old cat.

As the world was still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, remote classes were an obligation for many college students like 2022 graduate Francesca.

The Texan spent much time in her room following courses, but she didn’t feel lonely. Suki was right there on his owner’s lap, paying attention to every lecture like a purrfect student.

Francesca told Fox 7:

“I was pretty much at my apartment for most of the time, and I had my cat next to me. Whenever I would have my Zoom lecture on, it’s like she almost wanted to listen in on it, and she would always just sit by my laptop.”

An honorary graduate

University guidelines require students to attend a certain number of classes to be eligible for a degree. While preparing for her graduation ceremony, Francesca realized that her cat had logged the mandatory hours.

Francesca decided that Suki should wear matching clothing to celebrate their major accomplishment. Once her mind was made up, the cat’s mom didn’t have to search far to find appropriate attire for the feline.

Francesca is the proud owner of a clothing business selling matching outfits for dogs. How convenient! Likewise, this isn’t the first time she has matched her outfits to her best friend Suki’s.

Through a quick search online, Bourdier could buy Suki her own cap and gown that matched exactly. The Texan posted the pictures of her and Suki in their coordinated graduation outfits on her social media accounts with the caption:

“Yes, my cat attended every zoom lecture I had so we will BOTH be graduating from THE University of Texas at Austin together,”

As expected, users were charmed. They congratulated both graduates in the comments.

@o_nev exclaimed:

“@francescabourdier this clothing is so cute!!! Congrats to you both 😻😻”

@katts_meow said:

“Omgosh!! This is priceless!! Congratulations 🎊🎈 to your BOTH 🥰😻”

The heart-warming story ended up in the local news and Francesca gave a televised interview, where she explained the reasons behind the choice.

Seeing how cute Suki looks in her uniform, did Francesca just create a trend?

Will we be seeing more furry friends at graduation ceremonies? Time will tell.

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