Three-legged cat playing with ball

Stray three-legged cat adopted and given a home before winter

When this person found a stray three-legged kitten, they knew they had to help her, especially before winter came and the weather got too cold. They adopted her immediately to provide a home for her. Three-legged stray This person posted about the kitten’s story on Reddit. They said the kitten was friendly, and she let … Read more

Person holding brown tabby kitten, who looks like he's smiling

Orphan kitten who was all alone made friends in his new foster home

When this kitten came to his foster home, he was an orphan kitten who was all alone. But as he grew up, he made new friends in his foster home and acted as a friend and mentor for other foster kittens. Alone Gator was a tiny kitten who was all alone. He was a stray … Read more

Special needs cat with bent front legs

Kitten’s leg deformity doesn’t slow her down, and she thinks she’s a cheetah!

This special needs kitten couldn’t walk like other cats, since she had a deformity in her front legs. But that didn’t stop her from growing into a healthy, happy kitten who could move and play with no problem. Leg deformity When Tulip the kitten arrived at Pumpkin Patch Rescue, a special needs rescue and foster … Read more

Kitten with shaved stomach after surgery

This sick kitten miraculously recovered, like a phoenix rising from the ashes

This kitten was in poor shape when she arrived at the shelter. She was about to be euthanized, but people saw the potential in this kitten and decided to put in the hard work to save her. The kitten survived through her surgery and is doing much better now, like a phoenix rising from the … Read more

Tabby kitten lying on its paw

Foster kitten parent debates about decision to adopt kitten or not

This temporary foster kitten parent took in a kitten, but when it came time to make a decision about whether to adopt him or find him a different home, they weren’t sure. Helping Arnold This person took in a little kitten to help out a nearby shelter. The kitten was only 4 weeks old, and … Read more

Two lebanese kittens are searching for a home in France

A charity is helping two rescue kittens from Lebanon find an owner in France

Two adorable kitties rescued by an animal rights association in Lebanon are now looking for a lifelong home in which they will be cherished. Cookie and Tom are a cute pair who desire this more than anything in the world. The story of Cookie and Tom begins in the streets of Beirut, Lebanon’s bustling capital. … Read more

Cat colony resides on isolated naval island

A massive cat colony under study invades an island in the Cheradi archipelago

A sizable cat colony has settled its quarter on an island in the Cheradi archipelago in Italy. A census estimates the colony to count over fifty felines. The San Pietro Island off the coast of Taranto is the largest of the Cheradi archipelago, as named by the historian Thucydides.  It houses a naval base, isolated … Read more

Kittens rescued from streets are siblings

Two kittens rescued on different days by the same teenager turned out to be siblings

Barney and Robin, two siblings, were separately saved from the streets by the same girl. The kitties weighed less than 300 grams when this volunteer found them. In much better shape, the cats are now up for joint adoption. 17-year-old Aida Artusa discovered the felines separately by chance in her neighborhood. The four-month-old kittens were … Read more