Cat is relieved to be rescued after being stuck in 75-ft. tree for two weeks

Clyde is a repeat offender. This time he had been stuck in a tree 75 ft. in the air for about 14 days. But that didn’t stop Canopy Cat Rescue from bringing him to safety.

Clyde is an indoor cat who is believed to have gotten spooked into running outside of the house.

Confused in these unfamiliar surroundings, the ginger tabby raced to the top of a 75-ft. Douglas fir tree where he thought he would be safe.


And he was, sort of. The only problem was that Clyde got stuck up there and couldn’t come back down. Clyde’s family didn’t know where he was. All they knew was that Clyde had been missing for two weeks straight.

The family was devastated over the loss of their cat until they finally realized where he was. That’s when they called Tom Otto of Cat Canopy Rescue, a non-profit organization that saves cats that are stuck up in trees in western Washington State.

Canopy Cat Rescue was started by Otto and Shaun Sears, who are arborists, after learning how hard it was for people to find help for their cats stuck in trees. So, his nonprofit rescues these cats on a donation-only basis day or night and in all kinds of weather.

“This poor baby was up in the tree we’re thinking for 14 days based on when his family noticed him missing. A neighbor thought they heard him 6 days prior, but Clyde still remained astray. There were a couple reports of possible sightings on the ground, but still nothing concrete. No meows to be heard… until two days ago when his family heard him way up 75 feet in a doug fir tree in the very back,” Cat Canopy Rescue wrote on their Facebook page.

Otto was easily able to retrieve Clyde from the tree. Otto said he could tell that Clyde was relieved to see him knowing that he would soon be saved.

“He was really, really happy to see me,” Otto told The Dodo.

Back down to earth

Otto and Clyde’s family were very grateful that Clyde had been found. Clyde was on the thin side when he was found, but that’s nothing that couldn’t be remedied with a little bit of TLC.

“It’s always super awesome to see a family be greeted by a cat that they’ve been missing,” Otto said.

Clyde is happy to be indoors again and has been spending time with his family and getting back to his normal size and healthy self.

Hopefully, this will be Clyde’s last tree climbing offense, but if it isn’t he can trust that Cat Canopy Rescue will be there to help him down.

Cat Canopy Rescue saves hundreds of cats each year. Learn how you can help cats like Clyde at

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