Cat pleads outside of a hotel for someone to save him until someone does

Hampton, a long-haired Persian, was never meant to be an outdoor cat. Yet, somehow, that ended up being his fate.

But Hampton was determined to take his destiny into his own hands and make sure he would live the life he deserved as an indoor cat.

Hampton was looking excessively scraggly when he was found outside a Hampton Inn begging for someone to help him.

Longing for indoor life

He was walking right up to hotel guests meowing for food and some affection. Thankfully, there were some Good Samaritans who obliged him.

They made a post on Facebook asking for help with getting Hampton medical attention.

Claudia, a foster volunteer with Caitie’s Foster Fam, saw the post and reached out to assist. She immediately left to go pick up Hamilton.

“I hopped in my car and drove there in less than 20 minutes. When I first saw Hampton, I was concerned for his health status,” Claudia told Love Meow.

Hamilton was thin, filthy, and covered in fleas. His fur was so matted that it was pulling on his skin and missing in some areas.

“It looked like someone had attempted to help him out at some point and then stopped halfway through the process (or he likely ran away from them). He was miserable and his skin was very tender and sensitive. On top of all of this, he was very skinny,” Claudia said.

Claudia immediately picked the cat up and placed him in a carrier so she could bring him home and care for him. Hampton, named for the hotel where he was found, was a little bit wary of his rescuer at first.

But once he found himself in the comfort of a nice cozy home, he immediately eased up. He knew that he had finally been saved from a life he never wanted to live.

“He realized I was here to help, and he really let it sink in that his street life was finally over, especially the moment he realized he has his very own litter box,” Claudia said.

Hamilton was so happy to have food and shelter. It wasn’t long before he was giving Claudia grateful blinks to say “thank you.”

Finally indoors

Hamilton, who is believed to be about 4 to 5-years-old, was groomed and given a lion-like haircut to ensure all those yucky fleas were gone and that his fur could grow back in a healthy manner.

Hamilton, however, still has all of his wild whiskers. The Persian kitty regained his health within a few weeks and was doing well.

“Hampton has put some weight on. His fur is growing back after getting groomed. He wakes up ready to start his day full of food and naps,” Claudia said. “He is adjusting very well to living with my other animals. He loves stringy toys and naps in front of the window. He loves being held. As soon as you pick him up, he just sits perfectly calm and leans in to some head rubs.”

Hamilton loves his new indoor life thanks to Claudia and the Good Samaritans who cared enough to try and get him help. You can follow Hamilton’s story and Claudia’s other fosters on Instagram @houstonfosterdogmom. Learn more about Caitie’s Foster Fam on Instagram @caitiesfosterfamrescue.

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