Cat likes to lie on his back on the puzzles that his owner puts together

Leto is a cat who enjoys lying around…on his back! Not only does he have a weird sleeping position, but he also likes to sleep in weird places, especially on his owner’s puzzles that he’s currently trying to put together.

Lying around

Leto is a super fluffy Siberian cat who is about 18 months old and loving his life, chilling in his home all day. One of his favorite activities is lying around the house on his back, fluffy tummy exposed, and he finds the strangest places to do it.

There is no absence of comfortable places where Leto can take his naps. But sometimes he doesn’t quite get to them.

His owner has caught several pictures of Leto lying in the middle of the floor like a fluffy mat and posted them on Reddit. Sometimes his bed was just a few feet away. But apparently he was too tired to make it and just fell asleep where he was.

Leto also loves sleeping in boxes, and he will contort into the weirdest shapes just to fit and snooze in one of them. He’s so fluffy that his fur fills up the entire box!

Fluffy Siberian cat sleeping in a box
Leto still finds a way to sleep on his back, even in a box. Pic credit: u/katharinax/Reddit

Puzzle buddy

The most interesting place where Leto likes to stretch out is on his owner’s puzzles, usually while his owner is currently trying to put them together. Needless to say, it’s impossible for his owner to work on the puzzle again until Leto moves.

Leto has been participating in his owner’s puzzle hobby since he was just a kitten. When he was just six months old, he had his first puzzling session with his owner. After exploring the puzzle box and chewing on a puzzle piece or two, he fell asleep in the sorting trays box.

His owner was happy with the result, and he said:

“Let’s hope this little dude allows me to keep my hobby.”

Fluffy cat sleeping in puzzle box
Leto snoozes during his first puzzling session. Pic credit: u/katharinax/Reddit

Messing with the puzzles

Little did his owner know then, but this was the most peaceful he would probably get. As Leto grew up, he started finding more ways to interfere with the puzzles, lying in the middle of them and even sometimes on the specific corner that his owner was working on.

We wonder if he knew what he was doing and was trying to mess with his owner, or if he really thought those were the most comfortable places to sleep.

Fluffy cat sleeping on puzzle
Leto loves chilling on his owner’s puzzles, even if that means messing them up. Pic credit: u/katharinax/Reddit

Even when his owner got a customized puzzle of Leto to put together, the cat interfered. Leto couldn’t care less that it was a special puzzle featuring himself; he still had to roll around on it. It wasn’t until he walked away and fell asleep on the floor somewhere else that his owner was able to work on it again.

Leto may get in the way, but there’s no denying that he’s one adorable puzzle buddy.

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