Sweet paralyzed kitty serves his best looks hoping it will attract a forever family

Gavin has been working real hard on his modeling lately. He’s hoping his good looks will get him adopted after being in foster care for a year and a half.

Gavin was found in a warehouse as a helpless kitten begging for help. The poor kitty was in dire need of medical attention.

He had no use in his back legs but his vocal cords worked very well. He was able to attract attention and get rescued.

Stayin’ alive

Gavin was taken in by his foster mom Jeffinfer Csenge who helped treat the paralyzed cat for a bad infection.

He was then brought into the care of With Grace, a Las Vegas kitten rescue.

With Grace would ensure that Gavin got the intense medical treatment he needed. And he ended up surprising everyone with his survival.

“With some TLC, we got him all healed and he could then enjoy life as a playful kitten,” With Grace Founder Danielle Chavez told Love Meow. “I knew this little guy had such fight in him and there would be no stopping him.”

Gavin got over his infection and other ailments. He then taught himself to get around by scooting so that he can play with the other foster kittens in the house.

Despite having only use in his front legs, he loves to wrestle around with the other four-legged cats that are bigger than him.

“He zooms around the house so fast, arguably faster than our cats on four legs. He just has a zest for life and it is a joy to watch him love his life,” Chavez said.

Gavin also loves to climb. He looks like a little black panther wiggling his way up a cat tree. He likes being up high so he can survey the room.

“He can climb cat trees, get up on the couch, basically do almost anything that a ‘normal’ cat can do,” Chavez explains.

Gavin also likes to make the foster kittens feel welcome when they arrived. He became good friends with a paralyzed grey kitten who got around just like he did.

Gavin would make sure to keep his friend clean and stare out the window together. Denny has since been adopted into a forever home, but Gavin hasn’t had that kind of luck.

Strike a pose

He’s been working on his poses and has been serving them to the camera. He hopes that the perfect family will see his photos and want to bring him home.

Gavin is looking for a house with another young cat for him to play and grow with. He’ll also need help going to the potty three times a day.

 “He wears diapers only to protect him from the floor. Caring for a cat like Gavin is super easy, and there’s no litter box to clean,” Chavez said.

With Grace is confident that Gavin will soon find his forever family. You can apply to adopt Gavin or learn how you can help other cats like Gavin at withgracerescue.org.

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