Two-legged cat looks like a fluffy velociraptor

If you quickly glanced at Duck, you’d think you were looking at a raccoon with his big bushy tail or a velociraptor with its hunched-over frame. But Duck is a two-legged cat.

The double amputee rescue cat gets around on her two back legs. Duck has lots of adorable nicknames, including “fluffy velociraptor,” “little T-Rex,” and “purrasicduck.”

She lost her legs after they got caught in a car engine she climbed into. Thankfully, Duck was rescued and taken to a foster home.

Fluffy velociraptor

Her new foster dad Cody took good care of her and fell in love with Duck fast. It took him less than 24 hours for him to decide that he was going to permanently adopt her.

Since Duck was so young when she lost her legs, she easily learned how to adapt. Duck just carries along on two legs as if she had four.

She can run and jump and play, just like any other cat. Mostly like any other cat. And she’s fast too!

“It’s crazy. She’s always the happiest little thing,” Cody told The Dodo. “With a lot of energy, real playful. Always getting into something.”

Duck shares her home with five dogs and a one-eye cat named Goose. Goose and Duck immediately became best buds and love to cuddle together.

Her dog siblings serve as her “personal security detail.” They are constantly standing guard over her. But Duck does have a favorite.

Duck bonded with Bimini, a Frenchie, as soon as they met. This was perfect because Bimini would sometimes get left out among the other doggos.

You’ll find Duck and Bimini cleaning each other, playing, or wrestling around. Duck also gets along with other foster animals that come through their home.

She’s even made friends with a piglet, a bunny, a squirrel, raccoons, and an opossum. When Duck isn’t hanging around with her security detail, she likes to play with the other two-legged animals on the property… the chickens.

Everyone’s favorite friend

Duck and her zest for life have become an incredible inspiration to millions of people on the internet who have heard her story.

She even has her own social media following. Her Instagram page has more than 436,000 followers alone.

“What I lack in legs, I make up for in personality,” Duck’s page explains.

You can follow Duck’s adventures with all of her buddies on Instagram at @purrasicduck.

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