Tabby cat sits on person's lap and their crochet work

Cat demands that her owner stop crocheting and give her back rubs instead

This cat owner likes to crochet, but he only has one problem: his cat doesn’t want him to! The cat, Julie, demands attention and back rubs, and he can’t give them to her if he’s crocheting. So she solves the problem by sitting on his lap while he’s working, preventing him from doing anything else … Read more

White cat with black spots

Mochi the cat looks like a cow and can transform into anything in his pictures

Mochi is a cat who looks like a cow, as well as many other things. On her Instagram page, his owner likes to have fun taking pictures of him and identifying what other things and animals he reminds her of that day. Meet Mochi Mochi is a black and white male cat who lives in … Read more

Fuzzy orange cat with one lopsided eye

Arthur the “Fuzzy Potato” cat receives the care he needs

Is it a potato or a ball of fluff? No, it’s a cat! Arthur is a special needs kitten whose condition has improved so much with a little extra love and care. Arthur is currently a resident at Pumpkin Patch Pet Rescue in Los Angeles, California. He is in the foster care of the founder, … Read more

Cross-eyed cat with tongue sticking out wearing a bow tie

Mom didn’t want her daughter to get a cat, but now he’s part of their family

Kyla’s mom had a no-pet policy, and she didn’t want her daughter to get a cat. But when Kyla got a cat anyway, her mom had to get used to him being part of their family. Kyla knew that her mom would be upset, but she couldn’t resist adopting precious little Bundy, an adorable cross-eyed … Read more

Meowing tiny orange kitten on a work desk

Tiny kitten loves to chat with her foster mom during Zoom calls

This premature kitten arrived at her foster home weak and tiny, but with a little extra love and care, she found her voice and wouldn’t stop chatting with her foster mom when she was at work. Small as a mouse The kitten, Venus, was a micro preemie, a kitten that is born prematurely and is … Read more

This yogi cat has his own mat

An owner gives her yogi kitten his own mat to train alongside her

Some cats want to climb over fences and play in the garden. Others just want to lie on a plastic mat and rehearse their asanas (postures). Mango, a fluffy ginger-and-white cat from Michigan, falls in the latter category. The white puss was named after the mango tree that grew in his human’s backyard. Still, Mango … Read more

cat friends visit each other daily

A cat befriends a white kitten who returned to see him every day for two years

Two cats living in neighboring homes in Wales, UK, had a meet-cute and became friends. So for two years straight, one of the pusses would come every day to visit the other. It’s almost impossible not to become emotional during such a heartwarming get-together! Conrad, the kitten, lives in Wales with his owner and another … Read more