Cat refused to be rescued until they found her kittens

A stray cat in Burlington, North Carolina evaded rescuers for two days until she was able to lead them to her kittens. Only then did the momma cat accept help from the rescuers.

Stephanie of Sparkle Cat Rescue got a tip from Amber’s Animal Advocacy about a hungry calico kitty hanging around a local apartment building. Stephanie set out to catch the cat and bring her into to receive care.

But this clever cat was able to slip away and avoid being captured. Still, the cat kept peculiarly hanging around near Stephanie.

Avoiding capture

“She was definitely keeping an eye on me. I turned around at one point, and she was standing beside my car. Before that, when I was in the car, she stood on the hill behind my vehicle,” Stephanie told Love Meow.

The cat kept Stephanie on her toes for two days without being caught. Eventually, Stephanie decided to follow the kitty and was brought to a place behind some bushes.

Stephanie was setting up a new cat trap when the calico called out to her. Stephanie peeked through the bushes and discovered the reason the cat was hesitant to be rescued.

“We learned why (she wouldn’t go in the trap). She had kittens tucked back in a corner between apartments,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie enlisted the help of a few other rescuers who were able to trap the mom cat and collect her three kittens. The kitty family was then brought to Sparkle Cat Rescue and placed in a foster room.

The momma cat was still very hesitant to trust humans but started to relax knowing that she and her babies wouldn’t be harmed. A kitty feast was prepared for the mom, who was allowed to eat all she wanted.

The poor mom was very hungry and ate well. Surviving outdoors and defending her kittens probably took a lot out of this cat.

“There’s no telling what she went through before we got her. She’s a really good mama and takes great care of them,” Brittany, also of Sparkle Cat Rescue, told Love Meow. “We’ve spent hours just sitting with her so I hope she comes around soon.”

Safe in foster care

Eventually, mom started to venture around the room and even let the shelter volunteers handle her cats. She did, however, keep a close eye on them.

“The most important thing is that she and her kittens are safe,” Brittany said. “Here in North Carolina we’ve had some bizarre weather from tornados to random downpours. We’re happy to have them inside and that they are safe, warm, well fed and loved.”

It’s something mom must have known since she led rescuers to her babies. The tiny family was kept cozy in foster care while the kittens grew old enough to open their eyes.

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