Cat spooked by high Hurricane Ian winds adopted by deputy that rescued her

While many local police in Flordia scrambled to save the lives of humans during Hurricane Ian, they also ensured the welfare of animals. A Pasco County police officer is being credited for saving the life of a kitten that ran into the middle of the road.

Not only did he save the cat’s life, but he also gave it a new home.

The officers of the Pasco County Sherriff’s Office were preparing for the storm when they spotted the calico kitten that needed some help.

Why did the kitten cross the road?

A deputy was driving down US 19 in Holiday, Florida, when the wind picked up and began to blow rapidly. The rain started to come down very heavy.

This spooked the kitten into running into the middle of the road. The deputy knew he had to do something to help the tiny terrified feline.

He pulled over and got out of his patrol car to help the cat when it jumped inside of the car’s wheel.

The officer had to pull out his flashlight to see where the little kitty was lodged. He and his fellow patrolmen had to have the patrol car’s tire removed so that they could safely remove the kitten.

She was snuggly up inside near the rear axle of the car. They had no trouble at all finding this kitten a forever home after it was rescued.

Happy in a new home

The deputy who stopped to help rescue her ended up giving her a forever home. He named the kitten “Hurricane.” Thankfully, the cat was in good health and is now happy in her new home with her new family.

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office added some photos and detailed the rescue in a post on Facebook.

“As Pasco County, including PSO, prepared for Hurricane Ian last week, a deputy made an unexpected new friend. Last Wednesday, a deputy was driving down US 19 in Holiday as the winds and rain began to pick up ahead of the storm when a scared kitten ran into the road. The deputy stopped to help the kitten and the kitten took the opportunity to climb into the patrol car’s wheel well. Deputies eventually had to remove the patrol car’s wheel in order to help the kitten out from her hiding place near the rear axle. The deputy decided to adopt the little kitten and named her “Hurricane.” The kitten is doing well and enjoying her new friends and home,” the post read.

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