Cats demands to drink out of only the fanciest of water bowls

Sox and Phoebe are fond of fine living. So, they were very excited when upgraded from a regular bowl to a cat fountain.

But the tuxedo cat and tabby soon grew weary of their new bowl and went back to their regular old water bowl.

But they also developed a taste for the finer things when they discovered “fancier” water receptacles. Their mom had a bowl with moss balls in it that her kitties loved to drink from.

Moving water + plants

This got her thinking. She was aware that kitties prefer to drink from moving water. But she wondered if they also liked drinking water from bowls with plants.

She decided to get creative and see if she could make her cats a big water bowl that was a moving body of water that also had plants in it.

Mom is a fan of paladariums and used to have an aquarium that Phoebe liked drinking out of. She used these two things to make her cats the fanciest drinking bowl ever.


They’re both over the fountain so I had to step up my game #cat #cats #catdiy #catfountain #diywaterfountain

♬ original sound – Phoebe-Marina

“I had a bowl with moss balls that they loved to drink from,” the cats’ mom told The Dodo. “While we know cats prefer moving water, it made me wonder if cats also like to drink from water with plants, which makes sense instinctually to me. I love vivariums and paladariums, and I used to have an aquarium that phoebe loved to drink from. So, I was inspired. I had a bunch of aquarium stuff laying around and figured I’d just throw it together.”

Mom said that the project was pretty simple to create. She made sure that all of the items in the pond were cat friendly. The cat pond is filled with chia, cat-safe orchids, cat grass, a spider plant, moss, rosemary, and flowers.

“All I did was take a storage bin and add an aquarium filter,” the cats’ mom said. “I decorated with rocks and plants. This isn’t really a new idea — people keep fish in tank setups like this — I just gave it a new purpose. The goal is a healthy ecosystem that enriches my cats.”


Reply to @lindzyrb I’m assuming u mean sox slurpin

♬ original sound – Phoebe-Marina

She did spend a little extra time perfecting the details, like adding big sea shells, and the landscape of the pond. The cats are big fans of their new water bowl.

The fanciest of all fountains

“The cats loved it immediately,” the cats’ mom said. “It’s like they knew it was for them. They’ve been drinking exclusively from there since I’ve set it up. Sox literally slurps from there. I even got a robot fish that Phoebe likes to play with.”

Now Sox and Phoebe refuse to drink from anything else except their ultra-fancy bowl. And who can blame them? Everyone deserves fresh, natural drinking water. That thing is pretty cool! Follow Sox and Pheobe on Instagram and TikTok.

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