Cat that was shot in the face with a pellet gun is doing much better

This cat from the UK got shot in the face with a pellet gun, to her owner’s dismay. She was okay and healed up fine, but it was still very upsetting.

According to the owner, she was a nine-year-old cat and “only a little thing,” whose size had never quite caught up with her age. It was shocking that someone would do this to such a sweet, vulnerable cat. The owner said:

“It saddens me that people can be so cruel to animals.”

The cat was doing fine, but she was shaken. She was sleeping most of the day to get over the shock and recover properly.

The owner shared the story on Reddit, and a week later they gave a much needed update. The cat was doing much better. Although the wound was still visible, she was healing very well.

Who would shoot a cat?

The owner didn’t know who had shot the cat, but they thought that it might have been some bored kid with nothing else to do. That was no excuse for harming an innocent animal. The owner said:

“I don’t wish anything bad on people, but maybe something will go wrong for the person that did this and I’d not feel bad.”

That’s a kinder response than most people would have if their cat got hurt. Even the cat herself looks like she’s planning her own revenge. The owner said:

“If she saw [whoever shot her] and used the person as a scratching post for what they did to her, I’d defend the cat.”

Grumpy-looking cat with wound near nose from pellet gun
The cat looks like she’s feeling better…and planning her revenge. Pic credit: u/3floors/Reddit

Of course, the owner preferred to keep their cat far away from the person who did it, so she could stay safe. The cat had been an outdoor cat, always wanting to explore outside, but when she got shot she started to stay inside more.

Keeping the cat safe

Her owner considered making her a permanent indoor cat to keep her safe. It would be difficult to train her, since she was an older cat and had not responded well to training before, but the owner was willing to try. Anything to keep their precious cat safe from people who would harm her so mindlessly.

In the meantime, the cat is getting plenty of love. According to her owner, she’s getting “twice the attention” now.

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