This cat owner collects her cat’s fur balls in a glass jar as a decoration

Fluffy cats are so beautiful and irresistibly cute, but what are their owners supposed to do about all that extra fur lying around the house and in the cat’s hairbrush? Most people would vacuum it up and toss it out, but not this cat owner. She keeps her cat’s fur balls and turns them into a very odd but charming room decoration.

Fabulous fur balls

This cat owner shared her unusual habit on Reddit, saying:

“After each brushing session with my cat I collected her fur! It’s been 3 years and I love it in a glass jar as a decoration in my room.”

Three years of collecting cat fur! That’s dedication, and we have to say that the fur balls look pretty cool. This person didn’t even need any special tools to create them. She explained that she just rolls them with her hands until they are round and firm.

In addition to fur, this cat owner collects whiskers that have fallen off her cat’s face. According to her, whiskers are supposed to symbolize luck and bring good fortune if you keep them with you.

If the cat’s fine, we’re fine

We wonder how her cat feels about this. She must be happy that she is such a beautiful and well-groomed cat, but what does she think about the balls of her fur just sitting in a jar? According to the owner, she used to be interested in them, but not anymore. She said:

“My cat used to be obsessed with it too (under my supervision). Nowadays she doesn’t care even if I hold it up to her nose.”

We guess the cat just got used to her owner’s interesting hobby. As long as she keeps getting brushed, she’s a happy cat.

Fluffy light-colored cat with blue eyes.
This super fluffy cat isn’t bothered by her owner’s weird collection. Pic credit: u/Extension-Pudding428/Reddit

Weird and precious

When the cat owner shared her post on Reddit, many people reacted. One commenter said:

“This is both weird and precious.” -yourpaljax

Others commented on how the fur balls didn’t look like fur balls. Some thought they looked like wool dryer balls, but you definitely wouldn’t want to put them in the dryer with your clothes. They might fall apart and get cat fur on everything!

Fur balls or food?

Others thought the fur balls looked like mochi balls or powdered sugar donut holes. One commenter said:

“Imagine a guest taking a bite of one of those.” -WhereTheLambZoz

That would definitely be unfortunate! We hope she keeps these out of sight from guests so that doesn’t happen.

It’s a strange but fascinating hobby, but as long as the cat is okay with it, her owner can keep up the good work.

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