Rescue cat found covered in paint is taken under resident cat’s wing

Justin LaRose thought he would foster the kitten he found covered in paint and then find him a forever home. But that changed when his cat Ollie took the foster under his wing and made him his best friend.

Justin first met the ginger tabby at his Long Beach, California woodshop. The gaunt looking kitten was shoving his face and paws into the screen trying to force his way in.

The distressed kitty was screaming for help. Justin knew that the kitten was in need of emergency assistance when he heard his cry.


Not only was the kitten filthy and malnourished, but he was also covered in paint. It immediately started purring when Justin picked him up.

He seemed very grateful to be saved. Justin rushed the kitty to the vet who cleaned him up and fed him.

Justin already had a full house when it came to pets. He and his wife Kristin are parents to three cats and a dog. He also has a “guard” cat that lives at the woodshop.

So, they named the kitten Cru and decided to foster him until he was well enough to be adopted. Justin felt his other cats could help socialize Cru and get him ready to live indoors in a forever home.

If anyone knew how hard it was to get used to indoor life, it was the couple’s 6-year-old ginger cat Ollie. So, Ollie took Cru under his wing.

“It took four years and more patience than we ever knew we could have, but he [Ollie] finally calmed down. He loves the dog but is notorious to the other cats,” Kristin told Love Meow.

Ollie was extremely gentle when it came to Cru. He was affectionate and very patient with the scrawny kitten.

“It’s crazy to watch him have a little buddy that he’s so gentle with even though Cru is so rowdy with him,” Kristin said.

Cru and Ollie do everything together: eat, sleep, and play. And they are pretty big on cuddling when they take a snooze together.

“I never thought Ollie would have a cat buddy like this,” Kristin said. “Their bond is extra special.”

Best buds forever

It wasn’t long before Cru grew up to be a big strong, sassy cat just like Ollie. Justin and Kristin couldn’t imagine separating these two after becoming such close friends. So, Cru became a permanent member of the family.

“He blossomed with the animals at my apartment. I am a foster fail and I’m proud of it,” Justin said.

You can follow the couple’s four-legged family on Instagram @fur_force_five.

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