Cat with wound near nose from pellet gun shot

Cat that was shot in the face with a pellet gun is doing much better

This cat from the UK got shot in the face with a pellet gun, to her owner’s dismay. She was okay and healed up fine, but it was still very upsetting. According to the owner, she was a nine-year-old cat and “only a little thing,” whose size had never quite caught up with her age. … Read more

A black cat with a white stripe up its forehead, lying down looking straight at the camera.

This poor cat was found trapped in a trash bag – now he’s in his forever home

Earlier this year, a person out collecting rubbish on the streets in the Bronx saw something moving in a trash bag and went to investigate. To their horror, they found a cat inside two plastic bags struggling to get free, there were claw marks in the bags so thankfully he could breathe a little. How … Read more