Cat was frozen in fear after being abandoned until a kind human approached him

When Capone was abandoned outside a New York City building, a loving and kind hand was the only thing that shook him from his paralysis.

The cat sat outside the building “frozen in fear” in the same spot for days until a Meagan from Puppy Kitty NYCity came along.

Meagan got a call about Capone and found him cowering against a wall exhausted and scared. He initially hissed at her because he was afraid.

A safe person

But the cat quickly learned that Meagan was friendly and allowed her to pet him. The cat seemed to know almost immediately that he was safe with her.

He even asked for more head scratches. Megan picked the kitty up and put him in a makeshift carrier before taking him back to the car.

Capone was completely calm the entire time and seemed relieved that he was getting out of there. That was the moment that Capone revealed himself to be a lap cat.

“I didn’t have a proper carrier with me at the time because I was coming home from work, so he immediately got on my lap and was head-butting everything,” Meagan told Love Meow.

It was abundantly clear that Capone wasn’t a street cat and he belonged in a happy home. Poor Capone was a straggly-looking thing when he was found.

“He was a mess when I first found him, matted, skinny, and had some of the dirtiest ears I’d ever seen,” Meagan said.

Meagan took Capone home and shaved him down so his coat would be nice and clean. Capone was so happy to have someone to take care of him and curled right up next to his new foster mom.

Capone was no longer scared and completely relaxed. He got to catch up on sleep and fill his belly with food. Meagan realized that Capone was just a big mush.


All he wanted to do was be held and cuddled. Capone was a very happy boy in his new home.

“He is the sweetest ever, a loyal love-bug. He loves to watch bird TV, lay on his human’s lap, and just enjoy his indoor life,” Meagan said.

Once Capone healed, and his hair grew back nice and shiny, he was put up for adoption and found the perfect forever home.

“Capone is officially adopted and has the best new home. He has made it to his happy ending,” Meagan said. “He was the best from day one. We couldn’t be happier for him.”

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