Cat demands attention by yelling through shelter window

On September 5th, Reddit user pogo_loco shared their experience with a cat at a shelter that they volunteer for. They posted a picture of a black and white kitty with its mouth open, caught in the act of meowing loudly. The caption says: “Getting yelled at through the glass while I checked in for my volunteer shift at the shelter.”

There are many communities on Reddit for users to share cat content and spread their appreciation for their favorite felines. One of these is r/catswhoyell, where people post pictures and videos of very vocal kitties. This Reddit user was sharing this talkative shelter cat in just the right place.

The cat in the window

According to pogo_loco, they were checking in for their shift and they spotted the cat jump up on the ledge next to the window to look through at them. The cat looked so sweet, and they wanted to give the cat the attention it was asking for, but they couldn’t. They said:

“It was a bit heartbreaking, I reflexively reached out towards her and she made a motion to rub her cheek on my hand, but the glass was in between. Then she yelled again and hopped back down off the ledge.”

Unfortunately, this volunteer was unable to play with the cat that day, since they were a volunteer working with the dogs in the shelter instead. They explained that they couldn’t have any contact with the cats because the smell from the dogs would upset them.

What could she be saying?

Despite this, the cat, whose name was Tessa, had made her presence known with her yelling. People responding to pogo_loco’s original post even came up with reasons why Tessa could have been yelling and what she could have been saying.

Comments from Reddit

Maybe Tessa really did know what time all the volunteers were supposed to get there and thought this volunteer was late. Maybe she wanted treats. Or maybe she just wanted someone to notice her.

Getting attention

Tessa was living at the SPCA animal shelter in San Francisco. At the time the post was made, she was still available for adoption. But about a day ago, pogo_loco informed everyone that Tessa had been adopted.

Tessa had demanded attention, and she had finally gotten it! We hope that she loves her forever home and has fun “yelling” at her new family.

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