Cat who evaded capture for years finally asks neighbor to adopt him

Baron was an elusive local celebrity in his neighborhood. But he grew tired of outdoor life. So, he when back to a home that showed him kindness and asked to be adopted.

Baron was well known in his neighborhood as a street cat that had been roaming the neighborhood for about two years.

Baron’s neighbors kept him well-fed but they were concerned about his welfare. There were many humane traps set to capture Baron.

Clever kitty

But Baron was too clever to be caught by one of them. This was a cat with street smarts.

He would show up for a bite to eat and then his neighbors wouldn’t see him for several weeks.

He was very hard to track but his neighbors would post on social media every time they spotted him.

“Many people were involved in helping local strays, and they set out a plan to get Baron,” local rescue Chatons Orphelins Montreal of Canada told Love Meow.

But, again, Baron was able to elude them. The day, however, finally came when Baron was ready to retire as a tomcat and live the life of a pampered one.

Baron had a plan of his own. To ask a local family that regularly fed him if they could adopt him. It was on a cold night that Baron willingly walked into one of the humane traps set for him at the home.

“He finally entered the trap, and his life as an alley cat was over,” the rescue organization said. “We believe Baron had a family long ago before he ended up outside. He’s very sweet. As soon as he arrived at his foster home, he started seeking attention.”

The folks at Chatons Orphelins Montreal were able to hook Baron up with a foster home. Baron was Instead of fending for himself, Baron now had people caring for him and waiting on him. He absolutely loved all the affection.

“He is very gentle and still a kitten at heart. He is affectionate and loves cuddles. He will roll on his back whenever he wants more love,” the rescue said.

Though Baron was diagnosed with FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), he’s filled out and looking healthy, clean, and soft. He loves to be by his humans’ side and sits by their desks so he can help out during the work day.

The right choice

“He is always next to us when we do dishes. Often, he lies on our feet asking for hugs. He craves attention and loves to be babied. If we have visitors, he comes to greet them. As soon as you move one of his toys, he’s ready to play and pounce. He likes to carry his toy around in his mouth, with so much pride.”

The very vocal snuggle bug still likes to explore what’s around him. He also still goes outside and loves to be walked on a harness. Baron is confident he made the right decision to become an indoor cat.

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