Bobbie the Persian cat is a funny, fluffy TikTok star

Bobbie the Persian cat is an irresistibly floofy Tiktok star. Ever since her owners adopted her, she has been charming her followers with her big yellow eyes, fluffy fur, and sassy personality. Now she has over 2 million followers and is still going strong.

Rescuing Bobbie

Bobbie lives in Wales with her humans who adopted her as a rescue cat, and now they make hilarious TikTok videos together. In one of their videos, they explain how they came to adopt Bobbie.

According to her owners, she was abandoned in Qatar in 2017. Her old family decided that they didn’t want her anymore and left her behind. After she had lost her family, she went on a long journey, flying on an airplane with ten other rescue cats to Paris, then being driven to the United Kingdom.

Bobbie’s humans heard about her and drove six hours to pick her up from England and drive her back to their home in Wales. When she first arrived, she was happy but very nervous. It was a new home with lots of new things to see, but she still had to open up and get her confidence back.

Finding her voice

It took about two weeks, but Bobbie did get her confidence back. Her owners said:

“She soon found her voice and her sparkle came back quickly, and she’s been treated like a Queen ever since!”

Now she’s the Bobbie that her followers know and love, a kitty full of floof and spunk!

Some of Bobbie’s most in-demand videos are ones of her meowing. She has such a funny, “crispy” little meow that she uses to let her owners know when she’s hungry, grumpy, or demanding cuddles.

Bobbie’s meowsic videos

Bobbie’s owners love making music videos with Bobbie. They take videos of Bobbie’s everyday antics, put them together, and set them to music. They usually the cat-themed parodies of popular songs that are made by Merry & Pippin, such as “Kitty Cat Idiot” (parody of “American Idiot”) and “Gaston Cat Version.”

The videos are so funny, and they showcase all of Bobbie’s best cat moments.

Spooky and floofy

Bobbie also has big, yellow eyes, perfect for spooky Halloween vibes. Her owners made a compilation of spooky Bobbie pictures to celebrate. The caption on the video says:

“She was made for this season.”

We couldn’t agree more! And we love to see all the funny and floofy videos of Bobbie. She has come so far, from being abandoned, to being rescued and finding her forever home, to being an amazing TikTok star!

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