Cat with cleft lip flashes an adorable smile to everyone in order to get noticed in the shelter

Nala was born with a special smile due to her cleft lip, she’d flash her pearly whites at everyone who walked by to get noticed in the shelter.

The clever cat hoped it would help her get adopted into a forever home. Nala was found as a very pregnant stray in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, Nala had some trouble giving birth and was rushed to a veterinary hospital for an emergency c-section, only one of her two kittens survived.

A winning smile

But Nala and her baby were taken in by Dierenbescherming animal protection group who was able to find her baby a new home. Now it was Nala’s turn to find a family to take her in and love her.

Nala was quite the social butterfly in her new shelter setting. She would offer kindness and affection to everyone she met.

Nala loved to flash her big smile and run up to greet those who passed by her kitty condo. She would immediately start meowing at any new face that passed by to get their attention.

If that didn’t work, she’d hop up against the glass to make sure you saw her. Nala loved being around humans and getting cuddles and pets while she was in the shelter.

In addition to her cleft lip, Nala also has a skin condition. Her special diet requires hypo-allergenic food. So, Nala needed to find a home that would take care of her extra needs.

Shelter volunteer Ineke Kamps told Love Meow:

“The perfect home for her would be a house with a (fenced) garden, with humans who are at home a lot and who don’t have a problem with her special diet,

She is okay being placed with other cats, but will need individual feeding.”

All her charms

Nala’s charming personality and looks paid off, it wasn’t long before this unique-looking kitty was adopted into a forever home.

Not only did she get adopted but her skin condition was also getting a lot better with the proper care. Nala had lots of fans that were rooting for her.

One commenter wrote on Kamps’ Instagram page:

“I am so happy Nala got adopted. I would have loved to adopt her myself. Hope you have a forever loving home Nala,”

Apparently, Nala was adopted by the head of the cat department at the shelter. So, Nala is in the care of those who are more than qualified to provide her with all the love and care that she could possibly need.

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