Runt of the litter who was rejected by her mother finds a loving home with a caring couple

Gary was born prematurely and the runt of her litter. When her mom stopped feeding her, she decided that a couple of humans would be her new mom.

The little tortie cat was taken in by a couple who made a point out of spoiling Gary rotten to make up for her rough start at life. Gary is now known as “Princess Gary” around her house.

Gary’s first order of business in her new home was to be loved, it was something she needed desperately since she had been abandoned.

Princess Gary in her new castle

The sweet kitten cuddled right up in her new owner’s lap when she got home and she didn’t leave, being cozy and cuddled up is pretty much all Gary does now.

Gary needs a steady stream of love and affection to keep her happy, she literally needs to be on top of or right next to her humans at all times.

Her favorite bed is the hoodie of her dad’s sweatshirts, she also likes to stand guard over him when he sleeps.

But Gary’s parents don’t mind at all. They did, however, think it would be a good idea to get Gary a friend.

They figured that maybe it would give Gary someone else to cuddle with and could possibly free them up.

Getting things done around the house or trying to do something like reading could be a little difficult with the clingy kitty.

When Gary’s family brought Artemis home, the kittens immediately bonded and started to snuggle right away, they became fast friends.

Now, it’s just a constant cuddle-a-thon at Gary’s place, these two sisters couldn’t be closer.

While Gary’s parents thought it might be easier to get things done around the house, it can sometimes be a little bit harder. Now they have twice the cuteness to distract them.

One of Gary’s owners wrote on Instagram:

“I should be getting ready to go out but I’m having lazy cuddles with my ladies,”

Small body, big love

Gary hasn’t grown all that much sizewise since she was first adopted at 8 weeks but she’s gained a lot of love. One of the affectionate cat’s owners told Love Meow:

“She was premature and hasn’t grown very big but her heart is the fullest,”

She even likes to tell her mom, “I love you.” Well, it’s more like a chirping sound followed by some affectionate nuzzling. But she definitely means, “I love you.”

Now Gary and Artemis have another sister to play with after the couple welcomed a baby girl. They love their human sister just as much as they love each other.

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