Pitbull is convinced he’s like his feline siblings and hilariously tries to mimic them

Pitbull Willow, cats Klaus and Percy, and chihuahua Spike all belong to Socorro Jaramillo. Over time the woman noticed that her dog Willow would copy everything the cats did, even climbing on a cat tree.

The dog is utterly confident in her abilities and thinks she can accomplish similar acrobatics to Percy and Klaus.

Socorro came to Willow’s help in January 2020 when the pup was only nine weeks old. She brought the pitbull dog home to meet her other pets: Percy, Klaus, and Spike.

The group immediately hit it off. Early on, Willow began to copy her siblings. Surprisingly, she showed a bigger affinity with the felines.

Soccoro explained:

“After about a week of living together full-time, we started noticing Willow copying Klaus and Spike’s habits. Since they’re both small, they could climb up on the couch and jump up to the window nook.”

The dog copies the cats’ moves

Willow watched Klaus and Spike use the couch as a stepping stone to get up onto the ledge.  The dod didn’t take into account the kitten’s size and their developed balance.

For the pittie, it was a no-brainer; she could do the same. After all, in Willow’s mind, they were all the same.

 So, the dog decided to follow suit… and failed. Obviously, she was too large to fit on the ledge, so her owner had to grab her constantly to prevent her from falling off.

Still, the canine insisted on trying. Over and over. Finally, after a few attempts and help from her laughing owner, the pittie stood proud on the window like the cats.

“They would run around the house together, and Percy would sit on the small cat tree to be Willow’s height,” Socorro continued.

 Eventually, Willow also wanted in on the action. The cat tree was her next objective, even though her gigantic frame prevented her from fitting on the branches.

Jaramillo admitted in an interview that she was initially skeptical of Willow’s persistence in going up. However, as time passed, she learned to accept her dog’s eccentricities.

Besides, the pet owner is pleased with the peaceful coexistence of her animals and the caring nature of Willow. She finds it terrific to witness the family pets’ strong connection.

Instagram users share Socorro’s feelings. Commenters laud her videos of the pets interacting.

@a_tribe_called_blessed wrote:

“I’m so jealous. Our pittie puppy can’t chill out when our cats are around.”

@gigilovesdawgs commented:

“Chaos and cuddles, isn’t that what it’s all about? 😂😂”

This last comment makes a valid point.

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