Celebrity cat lives on a Swiss radio station

A celebrity calls the radio and television studios (RTS) in Lausanne, Switzerland, home. However, this public figure only takes the airwaves occasionally.

Tokay, the cat, has been a resident of the public building for nearly two years. And he has acquired an excellent reputation in his region.

Surprisingly Tokay is no stray; he had owners but decided to take a different path.

About two years ago, Tokay started by regularly inviting himself to the reception. When he realized he was being cared for appropriately, he decided to make his home in the structure and eventually took over its entirety.

His previous owners, residents of the neighborhood had no other choice but to let the cat go about his day.

On October 20th, journalists from the local show “Tages-Anzeiger” decided to give the public a deeper insight into the life of the busy kitten.

This white male with black and grey markings on his head and tail likes to sleep in the plant pots. The four-legged star enjoys riding the elevator and tagging along with the security staff members as they do their evening rounds.

Even though he is described as being reasonably stealthy, it is clear that he enjoys working at the location because it is open twenty-four hours a day. In this way, there will always be legs available to sit on and have scratched.

Tokay is very popular with the personnel who let him roam around and distract them from work from time to time. Nadine Haltiner, the deputy editor-in-chief of RTS, explains that the editorial staff has recently developed a strong attachment to Tokay.

Tokay the radio cat

Furthermore, the feline has an active Twitter account and an Instagram page with thousands of followers. The staff at RTS regularly updates both accounts.

There are occasions when the cat will show up on live sets unexpectedly. But these are rare occurrences.

Tokay prefers to explore the sets when there aren’t many other people around.  For the record, this Thursday morning, the RTS press review mentioned an article about Tokay, while inviting the cat on the set.

The animal momentarily caused joyous confusion among presenters Vincent Veillon, Kucholl, and their guests. After the initial, Tokay made a point of bringing it to everyone’s attention.

On his Twitter account, he wrote, “Hehe! we talked about ME in the morning of RTS info.”

The funny biped also made a point to give a special shoutout to journalist Vincent Veillon for always scratching his head. What a class act!

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