Tokay, the cat who lives on the radio

Celebrity cat lives on a Swiss radio station

A celebrity calls the radio and television studios (RTS) in Lausanne, Switzerland, home. However, this public figure only takes the airwaves occasionally. Tokay, the cat, has been a resident of the public building for nearly two years. And he has acquired an excellent reputation in his region. Surprisingly Tokay is no stray; he had owners … Read more

Larry Chief mouser for PM, says the internet

Netizens are vying for Larry Chief Mouser to become the new British Prime Minister

Following the abrupt resignation of newly appointed Prime Minister Liz Truss, UK’s 10 downing Street is currently looking for a new tenant. While the world awaits the new prime minister’s election, Internet has already picked its candidate. Larry, Chief Mouser, and his countless fans think he’s the feline for the job. Britain has been in … Read more

Kitten Hansard is the new mascot of the Alberta assembly

A former stray kitten has become the mascot of a legislative assembly in Canada

The Alberta Legislative Assembly has a new member who didn’t need an election to earn his seat. It’s Hansard Rose, a four-month-old kitten now assuming the esteemed position of the parliamentary mascot. Nathan Cooper, Speaker of the Alberta Legislative Assembly, received the kitten when she was just a few days old. The feline was a … Read more

Ritz the cat. Delaware most famous pet, dies in his home

Ritz, the cat who returned after a sixteen-year absence, passed away in his home

Last summer, the story of a grey tabby cat named Ritz made the news nationwide. His owners finally found this grey moggy who ran away sixteen years ago in Delaware. The feline unbelievable journey had brought him the attention of a large number of media outlets. He appeared in newspaper articles and was prominently featured … Read more

The story behind the Maneki Neko

Meet Maneki Neko, the Japanese feline lucky charm

A stoic or jovial-looking cat trinket invites you into a shop or eatery. That’s the Maneki Neko, arguably the world’s most famous cat. This cute little puss seems to be everywhere. Maneki-Neko designs can be found on piggy banks, socks, curtains, and in popular culture. But why do people find this statue so interesting, and … Read more

Larry from 10 Downing Street marks his territory

Larry the cat is seen outside 10 Downing Street following the new Prime minister’s announcement

The official residence of the British Prime Minister may have lost its previous occupant, but there’s one tenant who is not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s Larry, the calico cat. After the announcement of the new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, onlookers peer an unbothered Larry prowling in front of 10 Downing Street. Marking his … Read more

A Maine Coon kitten looks up at camera.

Britain’s House of Parliament welcomes adorable new kitten Attlee

As reported by the British newspaper The Guardian, a new kitten named Attlee has arrived at Westminster parliament. The furry new addition belongs to British politician Sir Lindsay Hoyle, who has been a Speaker of the House of Commons since 2019. A grand introduction The four-month-old Maine Coon kitten made his debut when Hoyle released … Read more