Chief mouse hunter Larry the cat fights off fox outside Prime Minister’s office

You probably know Larry. He’s the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office in Britain. But you probably didn’t know that Larry is fierce enough to fight a fox.

Apparently, the 15-year-old tabby, who is on his fourth Prime Minister, doesn’t just protect 10 Downing Street from mice. He’s also willing to go paw-to-paw with bigger animals.

Larry’s brawl with a fox that crept up onto the property was caught on video. The poor skinny fox seemed pretty darn scared of Larry.

Head cat in charge

The fox was just hanging out under the moon, minding his own business, when Larry appeared all puffed up in an aggressive stance.

He then aggressively followed the fox, nudging him off the sidewalk and into a flower bed. That’s when Larry engaged in what he said on his Twitter account was a “fox off.”

Larry wasn’t content letting the fox smell the roses. Larry pounced on the fox sitting in the flower bed. The poor thin fox was scared and ran off while Larry chased behind him closely.

The fox went pretty far and off-camera. Then he came back and stood by a lamp post. That sweet fox looked like he couldn’t understand what Larry’s problem was or why he was being so aggressive.

Larry just sat on his bottom, crossly looking at the fox. When the fox finally realized that Larry wasn’t going to be his friend, he just walked off.

Larry’s comes across as a little spicy on his Twitter account. Maybe even a little mean. He’s far from being neutral and definitely has his own political opinions.

He said that he gave the fox a “short shrift” because “Don’t f**ck with cats.” But he later said that he was “feeling guilty about chasing off foxy.”

Larry on the job

He made sure to post information from the RSPCA about how to properly care for foxes. Foxes are one of the country’s most popular animals and are even found in urban areas, according to CBS News.

Larry was specifically adopted from the Battersea Dogs and Cats home in 2011, one of the UK’s oldest animal rescues, for his mouse-hunting skills. He has served under David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and Liz Truss.

When he’s not hunting ice or chasing foxes, he “spends his days greeting guests to the house,¬†inspecting security defenses¬†and testing antique furniture for napping quality,” the UK government’s website explains.

“His day-to-day responsibilities also include contemplating a solution to the mouse occupancy of the house,” the website says. “Larry says this is still ‘in tactical planning stage.'”

Follow Larry the Cat on Twitter @number10cat.

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