A cat stuck for months on the roof of a 22-story building finally gets the help he needs

An unfortunate stray cat spent months stranded on top of a 22-stories urban high-rise. One of the building residents finally staged a rescue to assist the feline.

In an apartment complex, a woman living on the last floor had to deal with an upsetting sound from the roof. The woman would regularly hear a cat meowing.

This wouldn’t be an issue usually, except that the tenant didn’t have a pet. On top of that, she lived on the 22nd floor of a city building.

At first, the lady thought she imagined things, but the noise was persistent. Ultimately, the resident went to the building roof to see for herself.

There, she found a tabby cat hiding in a corner.

“How did a cat end up on the roof of a 22-floor building?” she asked herself.

The puss was highly wary; moving towards him made the cat dash to a hiding spot. As a result, the tenant couldn’t help him.

Still, she remained worried for him. To help him, she started leaving cat food on the rooftop.

If she couldn’t take him out of this windy roof, at least she would ensure he didn’t starve. Besides, she nicknamed the cat Aeong.

Since the woman had found Aeong, two months had passed. Having a newfound love for moggies, the resident had even adopted her own pet, an eight-month-old rescue kitty called Ankko.

Yet, the tenant hadn’t renounced her initial idea: she wanted to get the stray cat Aeong out of the roof.

She turned to a welfare association for help; together, they were going to save this trapped kitten. This rescue would be challenging as Aeong wasn’t the most cooperative victim.

A rescue team intervenes

For starters, they put a foam cage with a toy on the roof, hoping the intrigued cat would go inside. But Aeong strolled passed the strange object without entering it.

Plan B included luring the calico puss with food. Instead of putting cat food on the rooftop terrace as she usually does, the tenant placed the bowl in her attic, leaving the window open for the stray cat.

Attracted by the delicious food, Aeong came to the attic. The curious cat began to inspect the room, sniffing boxes around.

He then started to eat. However, once he heard someone approaching, the cautious creature swiftly escaped through the window, ruining his benefactors’ plot.

Fortunately, the rescue team wasn’t deterred. They installed not one but two capture frames inside the attic with baits.

With a bit of luck, the calico critter would at least fall into one of those traps. As expected, Aeong came for the food.

The cat found the first cage suspicious but couldn’t resist the second trap. The apartment tenants watched with glee the elusive kitten finally getting caught on their television screen.

Watch the successful rescue here.

Mission accomplished! While the welfare association took the rescued kitten to a vet, the residents prepared a room for their new family member.

The clinic didn’t find any alarming conditions. Apart from the calicivirus, common in stray cats, this cat was in good shape.

Aeong returned to the building, but this time in a warm, loving environment. Moreover, he had a new friend to keep him company, Ankko.

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