Clever cat taught how to open doors

Numerous cat owners enjoy teaching their four-legged friends a few tricks, TikToker @earinguk is one of them. This young man regularly posts videos of his cat’s smart actions.

Most videos have earned moderate success on social media, but one, in particular, appears to have caught the interest of Internet users. The video shows the man teaching his tomcat how to open a door.

As reported by Newsweek, the video which received more than 35.5 million views in a month, is a montage of moments captured over several days. It shows a young man in his kitchen patiently teaching his cat to pull the door handle.

How to open a door 101

In the aforementioned clip, the clever puss sits on the kitchen counter and places his paws on the door’s handle. Over several days, his trainer tries to persuade him to open the door by pressing the lower section of the handle.

At first, the cat does not understand his owner’s intent. The small puss simply places his front paws on the handle and remains still.

His trainer patiently repeats the opening move. After several attempts, the astute cat finally succeeds. The video ends with a congratulatory handshake and a lovely kiss between the teacher and his little student.

The video goes viral

In the comments section of the video, viewers were blown away by the training and the cat’s intelligence, some even dubbed the young man a “cat whisperer”. However, others warned the master of potential consequences. Commenters note that an animal able to enter and leave freely can quickly become an inconvenience.

One specific comment (in German) tells a funny tale that occurred after the commenter’s cat learned to open the door by himself.

@gret100 declares: “My cat could also… one time I thought I’m alone on the toilet when suddenly the door opens …no one comes in…I thought at least.”

Not a one-trick kitty

Opening a door is not the only thing the amateur trainer has taught his feline. On his channel, his cat can be seen performing countless drills. Among other things, the feline can press a switch to turn on the light or turn off the water from the tap. Likewise, this multi-faceted kitty can also shake his master’s hand.

One impressive clip shows the cat jumping over his owner’s straight arm, and then landing smoothly on a skateboard. This cat is cool enough to make you wonder why he hasn’t been on Britain’s Got Talent already.

Each time the cat succeeds, his master rewards him with a “small check” and the clever kitty likely later received a well-deserved treat.

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