Meet MewPaul, a sociable cat who loves a good pub

If you were ever to visit a local pub in Hull, Yorkshire, you might catch groups of fans cheering on their soccer team. But you might also spot an unusual visitor: a fearless Bengal-tabby hybrid named MewPaul.

Mike Ransom, 35, adopted this puss in May 2021 when she was just eight weeks old. Since then, she’s become a celebrity in town, earning her owner Mike the moniker of ‘cat man.’

MewPaul’s name is inspired by larger-than-life TV star RuPaul from Drag Race and the feline has the character to match it, she’s a little diva according to Mike.

Mewpaul can hold her beer

MewPaul behaves more like a dog than an actual canine and to her owner, the fact that some of the feline’s favorite pubs are part of the BrewDog network is not random.

MewPaul enjoys pubs where she can watch people and have a nibble and a nap. She doesn’t mind the loud music, on the contrary, she’s quite fond of it.

Mike was surprised one day when the kitten climbed onto his shoulder at their front door and insisted on going out mere weeks after her adoption. Mike explained to Metro:

“I was on my way to the store when she leaped up and meowed in my ear as if she was saying, ‘I have an idea, I didn’t know if she’d like it, but I bought a lead for her and it was as if she knew exactly what to do.

She rests on my shoulder and just observes the world go by, or she travels around, meeting new people and exploring, she’s not like any other cat.”

Mewpaul and Mike’s meet cute

Mike began his search for a friendly kitty to join him and his now ex-girlfriend in their one-bed flat in Hull in 2020, despite being a “dog person”. MewPaul’s owner explained ‘I’d never wanted a cat before but one of our friends had got one during the lockdown and out of the blue, I decided I wanted one.’

Indeed, the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown was a determinant factor in the number of pet adoptions in the UK during that time. As more people spent time at home during the lockdown, the number of adoptions and purchases of new pets soared.

After searching in vain for a cat in local shelters, Mike was on the verge of giving up when a friend reached out. The friend had heard of a kitty who needed a new home, Mike described his meeting with MewPaul as love at first sight.

However, he still had to wait a few weeks until the newborn kitten was old enough to be separated from her mother. Interestingly, Mike was asked to come to get MewPaul from The Grandale pub in Hull, is it possible that the feline’s predilection for pubs originated from there?

Ready for the next adventure

Apart from pubs, MewPaul has other hobbies as well. While classic toys bore her, she enjoys watching TV shows, lounging on the couch, and most of all Mike’s company.

The tabby’s adventures are not confined to Hull’s downtown, Mike takes her on regular walks and field trips across the county aswell. To do so, MewPaul has the proper equipment: a backpack and a harness.

In January 2022, MewPaul and Mike hopped on a train for an 80-minute ride toward York. After conquering Hull, MewPaul is ready to take over the next city.

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