Community cat returns to home that fed her with her kittens asking to be let in

When a mama cat found the cat people in her neighborhood, she decided to bring her kittens to their house to see if they could move in.

All the cats in town know that Kurtis and Melanie of Montreal, Canada will show them kindness.

They are the neighborhood cat people and have shelters set up in their backyard for kitties to stay safe in. They also put out food.

A good place

Kurtis and Mel had seen the mama cat stop by their house before. But she wasn’t alone the next time she returned.

There were four little furry faces trailing alongside her, sniffing around and exploring the porch.

They were so happy to have cozy places to sleep and lots of food to fill their bellies. Mom somehow knew that her babies would be in good hands with Kurtis and Mel and didn’t mind leaving them with the couple.

Kurtis and Mel decided they would try and find these babies homes. In the meantime, they kept the kitties fed and tried to get them to stay close to their house.

Their neighbors ended up adopting two of the kitties, leaving a pair of bonded tuxedo cats behind.

Kurtis and Mel didn’t want to leave these two babies outside on their own so they brought them inside. The kittens immediately made themselves right at home.

“They are the sweetest and most cuddly kittens you will find. It would be best if they could be adopted together…as they are so close,” Kurtis told Love Meow.

Kurtis and Mel care for some senior cats and knew they wouldn’t be able to permanently adopt the tuxedos and reached out to Chatons Orphelins Montréal for help.

The next chapter

“The two kittens are so nice and sweet. They are very lucky and have been well taken care of,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal said.

The kitties were named Kurt and Mel after their rescuers. While Mel is tiny, she has a very large spirit and is “the queen of the house.” She loves to play with toys she can carry around with her. She is also very good at sharing

Kurt takes good care of his sister and other kittens by giving them lots of kisses and cleaning their ears. He also makes pigeon noises when he’s happy. He loves all the toys.

It didn’t take long for these two to find their forever home. They will happily live out the rest of their lives thanks to their rescuers and the folks at Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

Learn more about Chatons Orphelins Montréal on Facebook.

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